Are You Ready To Shift Your Money Mindset? 

Don’t Let Your Old Money Story Hold You Back Any Longer! 

»» Do you stress out about your financial future? 

»» Do you think you lack the ability to manage your own Money? 

»» Do you feel overwhelmed about bills coming in?

»» Do you live paycheck to paycheck?

»» Are you waiting for someone to rescue you about your finances? 

»» Do you get upset or resentful when you see others going on vacations or buying things you want or need but don’t have the money for? 

»» Do you feel like no matter what you do you can never get ahead financially?

You’re not alone!

I used to be in the same situation.  

After my time in the Marine Corps I found myself married with two kids, filing for bankruptcy. 

I felt like my life was over! 

Every time I got money, it went to pay bills or fix something major that went wrong. 

When I would try to save money something would “come up” and I would have to take the money out of savings or my 401K to pay for it.  

I was on food stamps and welfare! 

I was SO Tired of living that way.  

The last straw was when my car broke down and I didn’t have the cash (or credit) to fix it.  $600 was all I needed to fix it and I didn’t have it.  

I felt horrible! 

Sitting at my kitchen table crying (and feeling sorry for myself) I realized I was DONE feeling helpless around money.  

I needed a miracle to get out of the mess that was my financial life! 

What I Needed Was a Shift To My Money Mindset!

I started to look at what I knew about money. 

Where did I learn this story of lack? 

When did I claim this money story as mine? 

What did I need to do to Shift my Money Mindset? 

I started to write out my money story. 

Every time a bill came in I started to notice how I felt inside. 

Every time I received money or a windfall I would notice how I felt inside. 

I started to visualize what my life would look like, what it would feel like if I didn’t have to worry about bills or just get by! 

Slowly but surely I started to repair and rebuild my credit. 

I started to feel good about money instead of stressed out all the time. 

Then… Something happened…

I started to feel good about money. 

I began to realize that money is just a form of energy exchange. 

I created a system that was Simple, Easy and Worked!


I’m now a Multiple Six-Figure a year Entrepreneur and single mom who takes four vacations every year! 

In this Shift Your Money Mindset program I share you with you my step-by-step system that I used to Shift My Money Mindset.

I give you the exact tools I used (and still use) tools to help you easily see old patterns in your spending/thinking about money and helps you reprogram your money blueprint.


Laura Sunshine Brooks

“My main money block was that I never had enough. I felt like I could not get out of the hole my imagination created.  During this program I had an Ah Ha Moment.  I realized Money is just an exchange for an object or service. I began to look at things I wanted and would ask myself if it was worth the energetic exchange taking money out of the picture. This was huge for me.  

I have seen my outlook on money change completely.  My business prices have increased to what I know my services are worth (this is huge). I have seen my frivolous spending go down and make sure every purchase I make will benefit me with either happiness or contributing to my home, family, business and education. 

This course is perfect for anyone who truly wants to change their money story.  Come into this program with an optimistic attitude and be ready to get real with yourself.  This is for someone willing to make changes and not sit around making excuse about finances!” ~ Laura Sunshine Smith

“I have noticed my stress and worry about money no longer exist.
I’m able to accept the ebb and flow of money and think positively by being gracious for the money I do get rather than focusing on lack.  

The most lasting change I’ve seen since taking this program is not once having to worry about paying bills. The money has seemed to just be there at the right time to maintain my financial needs. 

I would recommend this program because I believe, much like I had, people focus too much on lack. As a society built on capitalism and material possessions I think people show more judgement and jealousy, rather than the gratitude that would welcome more wealth. People are unaware that the Universe has enough abundance for everyone and it is not the Universe keeping them from receiving the wealth, abundance and success they deserve.” ~ John Wheeler


What You Get In this Program 

Module 1 ~ Introduction & The Truth About Money

»» The Truth about money

»» The shifts that can come from shifting our Money Mindset

»» One Simple Exercise that will Forever Change your View of Money (Forever)


Module 2 ~ Accept Where You’ve Come From

»» Where we learned our Money Beliefs

»» How these beliefs have impacted our life

»» Your “Old Money Story” & how’s its held you back


Module 3 ~ Feelings/Habits/Self-Sabottage & Limiting Beliefs

»» A Hard Hitting Q&A about Money and the roll it has played in your life

»» What You Really Want (Besides More Money)

»» Dig into Self-Sabotaging and Limit Beliefs and how they effect your Money Mindset

Bonus: Shift Your Money Mindset Affirmation MP3 Download


Module 4 ~ Accept Where You are, Gratitude & Your Action Plan

»» Where you Really are Financially

»» Your Daily Routine and how it impacts your wealth

»» Gratitude and how it impacts your wealth

»» Getting clear about your Financial Standing

»» Creating a Clear (& Easy) Action Plan

Bonus: Shift Your Money Mindset Meditation MP3 Download

More Results…..

“Seeing my money in a different way has helped me learn to let go of fear around money. Since I’ve taken this course I have paid off $12K in credit card debt and have money in savings. Thank you!!” – Georgia Noles 

“This program has helped me get SO Organized! Yay!  Getting my finances in order and doing my daily money affirmations has me feeling so good! Success here I come! Thank you Flora!” – Evyn Sneeringer 

“I Love your Shift Your Money program Flora! Thank you!” – Liz Rivera

“I have listened to this program over and over again!” – Regina Heitschmidt 

“Going through this program a second time around! It is Still So Powerful! Thank you Flora!” – Candace Moon

Frequently Asked Questions

»» Q: How is this program delivered? 

»» A: Instant Digital Download (mp3) & Email. You can begin this program the moment you enroll!

»» Q: How many times I can go through this program? 

»» A: Many of my students go through this program again and again to reinforce the concepts and replay the meditation & affirmation downloads.

»» Q: Who is this program for?

»» A: This program is for anyone who wants to FINALLY see the money comes into their life work FOR them! It’s also for folks who are DONE living in the lack mentality or living in fear about money! 

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Are You Ready to Shift Your Money Mindset? 

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