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Year in Reverse™ Yearly Planning Guide

Δ Want a Simple Planner for the upcoming year?
Δ Finished using the bulky planners you buy but never use?
Δ Ready to make a yearly plan you can stick to?

Year in Reverse™ Yearly Planning Guide is your answer to Simple Solutions for long and short term planning.  Designed with the end in mind, Flora helps you create your year ahead without the headache.  She takes you through her proven process of reverse planning your year – the end result? A simple step by step plan to achieve your goals seamlessly.

Year in Reverse™ Weekly Planning Pages
Companion to the Year in Reverse™ Planning Guide

Δ Ready to make a Weekly and Yearly plan you can stick to?

Year in Reverse™ Weekly Planning Pages is your answer to Simple Solutions for long and short term planning.  Designed with the end in mind, Flora helps you create your year ahead without the headache.  She takes you through her proven process of reverse planning your year – the end result? A simple step by step plan to achieve your goals seamlessly.

The 29 Day Moon Challenge

Your Workbook for the Perfect Practice & a Simple Esbat. The long awaited sequel to The Simple Sabbat is finally here. The 29 Day Moon Challenge gives you the key to create The Simple Esbat for your unique practice.

“When we tune into the moons natural ebb & flow we become aware at how it influences everyone on the planet. This allows us to intimately know why our energy levels are where they are, and what we can do about it.  For anyone struggling with low energy the book and its results are truly mind blowing.

This book is the result of over a decade of doing the 29 Day Moon Challenge myself as well as many of my clients & students doing the same. This is the key to a perfect practice.” ~ Flora Peterson Sage

Flora’s Fragrances
Essential Oil Blends to Enhance Your Spiritual Practice & Life

This quick and easy guide is packed full of useful information from pre-made recipes, blending charts, essential oils to steer clear of, do it yourself worksheets and a step by step guide teaching you how to create your own recipes. A simple and practical handbook for creating fabulous blends for both your Spiritual and everyday life. A must have book for anyone interested in living a natural, organic and intuitive lifestyle.

Grown in nature, cultivated by man, blended by You!

The Yay Factor Daily Guide
366 Days & Ways to Kick Start Your Life

A fun easy way to start your day! This daily guide offers 366 ways to inspire, empower, and embrace your life each day.

Every page is full of spirit filled wisdom and practical advice as well as a Powerful I AM affirmation to keep that energy with you all day.

The Simple Sabbat
A Family Friendly Approach to the Eight Pagan Holiday’s

 The Simple Sabbat is a compilation of simple and very eclectic Sabbat rituals, recipes, crafting ideas and factoids that anyone can use to celebrate the eight Pagan Holidays and Eight Solar Events of the Year.

These are rituals and ideas that any one can use yearly and are a great way to connect to the seasons in nature and the turning of the wheel.

Mini Meditations for Your Busy Lifestyle

Mini Meditations – For Your Busy Lifestyle is an album full of short yet powerful meditations for the busy lifestyle.

Introduction – 1:30
Morning Mindfulness Meditation – 7:32
Afternoon Stress Reduction Meditation – 6:48
Evening Appreciation Meditation – 5:58
Oneness Meditation – 8:39
Deep and Restful Sleep Meditation – 15:02
Total: 46 min

[Digital Download] ~ [Physical CD]

Celestial Acclimation Meditation

1. Celestial Healing Meditation ~ Deep DNA Healing – 28 min
2. Ascension Acclimation Meditation – 11 min

Total time: 39 min

Relax and experience a deep Astral and Celestial Acclimation meditations where we go deep into cosmos to heal your DNA at the source level. DNA reconstruction / healing is vital for acclimation during the Ascension process. What is the Ascension process? It is the process of Awakening to your true potential and purpose & therefore moving to higher vibrational frequencies. 

Once healing is achieved you will then move up the Vibrational scale through the Ascension Meditation which will recalibrate your energy allowing you to live your most authentic life possible.

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]

Journey Within The Chakras

1. Introduction – 2:31
2. Base/Root Chakra Meditation – 8:46
3. Sacral Meditation – 9:10
4. Solar Plexus Meditation – 8:11
5. Heart Space Meditation – 7:44
6. Throat Chakra Meditation – 9:18
7. Third Eye Chakra Meditation – 8:43
8. Crown Chakra Meditation – 7:50
9.  Full Chakra Balancing & Cleansing Meditation – 8 min
Total – 71 min

Flora Peterson Sage, a gifted Healer, Teacher and Spiritual Empowerment Coach has created yet another powerful tool that is a “Must Have” for everyone who wishes to keep their energy fields clear.  Journey Within the Chakras is unlike any other CD on the market. Flora takes you within each Chakra or Energy Center of the body to explore and get to know all the physical systems that lie within each energy center; followed up by a very effective balancing and cleansing meditation for each Chakra.

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]

Fearlessly Inspired Meditations

This meditation album is included with Flora’s Hugely successful “Fearlessly Inspired 12 week online program.” But is now available to you outside of the course.  There are 11 meditations that are under 10 mins each so even the busiest of people can fit in these Powerful meditations anytime during the day. 

Tracks include:

1. Conscious Clarity ~ 6:14
2. Stirrings ~ 9:15
3. Visualize Success ~ 7:34
4. Learn to be Decisive ~ 7:57
5. Letting Go ~ 5:55
6. Neutral Detachment ~ 5:47
7. Forgiveness ~ 6:01  
8. Seeing Past the Facade ~ 6:36
9. Standing in Your Truth ~ 5:56
10. Seeing Energy ~ 5:18
11. Unzip and Step Outside ~ 4:50

Mediation Album ~ 75 minutes

The Fearlessly Inspired virtual course is based on Flora Sage’s Empowerment Coaching platform. The course takes you through simple, easy and effective actions every week that create lasting results. Each week you’ll be consciously creating simple shifts in your daily life that will transform fear into Fearless Inspiration! Yay!
Each week is centered on a different area of your life, or Spiritual Foundation, (Life = Spiritual Practice) resulting in quick and easy steps for you to take to make simple tweaks here and there that make a World of difference.

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]


Sacred Sanctuary Meditations

Flora’s most Popular Meditation Album to date! 

Flora takes you to your Sacred Sanctuary for some Powerful Healing and Soul work.  This album is a must for anyone who wants to truly move past childhood traumas & hurts, burdens from the past, connecting with your Spirit guides and Ancestors and get more in tune with the world around you.

Album includes the following meditations:
1. Your Sacred Sanctuary ~ 10:55
2. Inner Child Meditation ~ 11:27
3. Meet Your Spirit Guide ~ 10:00
4. Release Your Burdens ~ 24:46
5. Release Blocks For Greater Psychic Abilities ~ 15:34
6. Sunrise with the Ancestors ~ 14:28
7. Tree Blending Meditation ~ 21:08

Total Meditation Time: 112 minutes

[Disk 1 – Physical CD] ~ [Full Album Digital Download]
[Disk 2 – Physical CD]

Earth Affirmations

Flora Sage, a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, takes you through an active guided journey through the use of affirmations in a very powerful way.   This is a must for everyone hoping to achieve a balanced perspective in their lives.

“Each of us are Spiritual beings on earth having a human experience. These affirmations will take you through one complete daily Sun Cycle and connect you to the heart beat of Mother Gaia. This set of affirmations will help you to fully embrace the earth energies that are all around you.” ~ Flora

  1. Introduction
  2. Earth Affirmations
  3. Closing

Tracks totaling 32 minutes 12 seconds

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]

The Yay Factor Daily Affirmations

Flora Sage, creator of The Yay Factor™ Spiritual Empowerment Coaching Programs delivers another powerful affirmation CD, to follow up her ever popular “Earth Affirmations” CD.  

This set of affirmations is used in conjuction with Flora’s book “The Yay Factor™ Daily Guide ~ 366 Days & Ways to Kickstart Your Day!” Saying these affirmations often will help you to fully realize your true potential and true nature. They will create an awareness IN your spirit OF your spirit and awaken the power that you hold inside of you to truly create the life you want. These affirmations are in the I AM format and are very powerful. Are you ready to awaken your spirit?

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]