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Year in Reverse™ Yearly Planning Guide

Δ Want a Simple Planner for the upcoming year?
Δ Finished using the bulky planners you buy but never use?
Δ Ready to make a yearly plan you can stick to?

Year in Reverse™ Yearly Planning Guide is your answer to Simple Solutions for long and short term planning.  Designed with the end in mind, Flora helps you create your year ahead without the headache.  She takes you through her proven process of reverse planning your year – the end result? A simple step by step plan to achieve your goals seamlessly.

The Yay Factor Daily Guide
366 Days & Ways to Kick Start Your Life

A fun easy way to start your day! This daily guide offers 366 ways to inspire, empower, and embrace your life each day.

Every page is full of spirit filled wisdom and practical advice as well as a Powerful I AM affirmation to keep that energy with you all day.


Mini Meditations for Your Busy Lifestyle

Mini Meditations – For Your Busy Lifestyle is an album full of short yet powerful meditations for the busy lifestyle.

Introduction – 1:30
Morning Mindfulness Meditation – 7:32
Afternoon Stress Reduction Meditation – 6:48
Evening Appreciation Meditation – 5:58
Oneness Meditation – 8:39
Deep and Restful Sleep Meditation – 15:02
Total: 46 min

[Digital Download] ~ [Physical CD]

Fearlessly Inspired Meditations

This meditation album is included with Flora’s Hugely successful “Fearlessly Inspired 12 week online program.” But is now available to you outside of the course.  There are 11 meditations that are under 10 mins each so even the busiest of people can fit in these Powerful meditations anytime during the day. 

Tracks include:

1. Conscious Clarity ~ 6:14
2. Stirrings ~ 9:15
3. Visualize Success ~ 7:34
4. Learn to be Decisive ~ 7:57
5. Letting Go ~ 5:55
6. Neutral Detachment ~ 5:47
7. Forgiveness ~ 6:01  
8. Seeing Past the Facade ~ 6:36
9. Standing in Your Truth ~ 5:56
10. Seeing Energy ~ 5:18
11. Unzip and Step Outside ~ 4:50

Mediation Album ~ 75 minutes

The Fearlessly Inspired virtual course is based on Flora Sage’s Empowerment Coaching platform. The course takes you through simple, easy and effective actions every week that create lasting results. Each week you’ll be consciously creating simple shifts in your daily life that will transform fear into Fearless Inspiration! Yay!
Each week is centered on a different area of your life, or Spiritual Foundation, (Life = Spiritual Practice) resulting in quick and easy steps for you to take to make simple tweaks here and there that make a World of difference.

[Physical CD] ~ [Digital Download]


Sacred Sanctuary Meditations

Flora’s most Popular Meditation Album to date! 

Flora takes you to your Sacred Sanctuary for some Powerful Healing and Soul work.  This album is a must for anyone who wants to truly move past childhood traumas & hurts, burdens from the past, connecting with your Spirit guides and Ancestors and get more in tune with the world around you.

Album includes the following meditations:
1. Your Sacred Sanctuary ~ 10:55
2. Inner Child Meditation ~ 11:27
3. Meet Your Spirit Guide ~ 10:00
4. Release Your Burdens ~ 24:46
5. Release Blocks For Greater Psychic Abilities ~ 15:34
6. Sunrise with the Ancestors ~ 14:28
7. Tree Blending Meditation ~ 21:08

Total Meditation Time: 112 minutes

[Disk 1 – Physical CD] ~ [Full Album Digital Download]
[Disk 2 – Physical CD]

Card Decks

Simplify Your Life Oracle Card Deck

Gain Clarity whenever you want with this Deluxe 92 card Simplify Your Life Oracle deck.  Created by me personally to use for my Private Psychic Readings. I am now offering it to you.  Most decks are between 44-56 cards for $20. This deluxe 92 card deck covers ALL the basis and will not leave you scratching your head wondering just what they heck Spirit is trying to tell you.

  • “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Flora Sage! I LOVE your new deck of cards, Simplify Your Life Oracle.  These are simple, and to the point.  I love the soft image and the feel of the cards. I will recommend them to everyone. :) ” Sunny Dawn Johnston ~ Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Teacher
  • “I love that this is a 92 card deck and that they easily fit in my small hands. They are easy to shuffle and work with. Great Job” June Moore ~ Psychic
  • “These are SO Accurate. I want a set for my practice.” DW

If you are a Professional Reader or would like a set for your own daily guidance, these are for you.

Simplify Your Life Oracle ~ Deluxe 92 Card Deck

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Mastering the 11 Spiritual Laws Affirmation Deck

The Mastering the laws that influence your manifesting easily with this powerful affirmation deck you can take anywhere.

This deck supports the Mastering the 11 Spiritual Laws Full 11 Week Program by reinforcing many of the concepts taught throughout the program.

What are the 11 Spiritual Laws?:

  • The Law of Thinking
  • The Law of Supply
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Receiving
  • The Law of Increase
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Non-Resistance
  • The Law of Forgiveness
  • The Law of Sacrifice
  • The Law of Obedience
  • The Law of Success

Each deck contains 54 affirmation cards.  These cards are the size of a Standard Bridge size deck which are perfect for your purse, handbag or pocket.

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Open to Receive Affirmation Deck

As featured on my Facebook page, this deck provides transformational affirmations to help you move from a place of lack to a place of abundance and receiving what you want. 

Each deck contains 44 affirmation cards in a durable plastic case. These cards and case are the size of a Standard Bridge size deck which are perfect for your purse, handbag or pocket.

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