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» Can’t Find Paying Clients?
» Struggling to Make Money?
» Hate Marketing & Writing Sales Copy?
» Have Trouble Staying Productive in your Business?
» Frustrated with Social Media?
» Feel like you’re Drowning in your Biz with No Way Out?
» Are you Debating whether or not to Get another Job or go Back to the Corporate world?
» Have you taken class after class but nothing has made a difference in your Business?

Does this sound like you?

If Yes!

Then You are in the Right Place! 


As a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps, single mom of two teenage boys & Multiple six-figureFlora Spiritual Entrepreneur I know how busy life can be.  Being a Spiritual Empowerment Coach I help busy entrepreneurs, just like you, to Simplify & Super charge their Business for maximum impact!

As a third generation Biz Owner I’ve created systems that are simple yet essential for a  six-figure Business.

Business Bootcamp w/ Flora is a six week home-study program where you get full access to my systems at-your-fingertips.  These systems will save you time, save your sanity & save your business.  

I’ll show you how to create your $10K+ a month formula so you can bring back the excitement that inspired you to start a business in the first place.

Join me in creating your Lasting Legacy and the Thriving Six Figure Business You’ve always dreamed of.      

Flora Peterson Sage


Melissa Corter
Melissa Corter
I was a little hesitant signing up for Flora’s Business Bootcamp, only because I had gone thorough some other other business trainings and programs in the past and wasn’t sure if there was one that could take me to the next level. Flora truly is a business and simplification ninja! I learned so much information, and I am still implementing changes from the free strategy session that she encouraged me to make.
Flora has a way of breaking down to the basics and making it all digestible and easy to follow. This program gave me a completely different view of sales and marketing (I have been in the industry for over 7 years), as well as applicable tools, advice and insight.
Before we even dove into the first week I had actions items to follow and a plan began to emerge! Shortly after I created found a way to get to my goals, and even surpass them. It was beyond inspiring to see it all come to life on paper. After taking the course, I doubled my sales, created a website I absolutely love, and most importantly found ways to monetize my gifts.
The best thing of all? I  reduced my working hours, giving myself  time back in my day for my family and the things I care about outside of my business, the most precious gift of all. I am grateful I took this program and cannot wait to start my one on one coaching with Flora!” ~ Melissa Corter

Crystal McGraw
Crystal McGraw
Flora gives you her secrets & tools of success for your business. In this course I learned time management & time saving skills and was taught how to be seen by the masses. After implementing Flora’s process, my clientele doubled within a week!! Flora helped me discover my niche and how to articulate that to my ideal client. I now have a waiting list of students who are so excited to enroll in my new classes and programs when they launch.  I would recommend this program to anyone who has a business! This program is one of the most valuable programs I’ve EVER taken for my business. You’ve really over delivered Flora! Yay!! Everything is fantastic!”

For Spiritual Business Owners who Want to:

>> Become More Productive Each day
>> Find New Clients & Build Your Tribe
>> Streamline Your Work Week to Reduce Your Hours
>> Learn my Exclusive “Six Secrets to Six Figures Formula
>> Create Your Six Figure Sales Funnel & Map
>> Double Your Mailing List
>> Create Products & Programs that Your Tribe will Buy
>> Create Your $10K+ a Month Formula
>> Finally take a class you can implement quickly (and get results)

What’s Included in the Home-Study Program!

>> Seven Downloadable Program Modules – Webinar/Mp3 (90-130 min each)
>> Weekly Action Items Checklists
>> Access to a Team of Experts
>> Tools you can Implement Immediately
>> Private Facebook Group
>> Lifetime Access to Program
>> Tons of Bonus Classes to support you (Complete list below)

Course Schedule

Get Instant Access to the Welcome week Module & Week 1 Module upon enrollment. Remaining modules are delivered every 7 days for the rest of your program. 

Each Module Contains
1 Video + 1 Audio mp3
+ Step-by-step Weekly Action Items List
+ Bonuses

Welcome Week

>> Quick Start Action Item Guide
√  Access to Private Facebook Group
√  Shift Your Money Mindset Program

Week 1

>> Investing in your Business & Stop Wasting Time
>> Developing Your Sales Funnel 
>> Breaking Through Your Money Blocks
>> Creating Your Team (Even if you’re just getting started)
>> Eliminating Time Wasters
>> Your Ideal Clients
√  Business Building “Done for you” Checklist
√  How to Raise Your Vibrations Class

Week 2

>> Goals & Goal Setting
>> How to Get & Stay Organized
>> Masterminding Your Way to Success
>> Your Million Dollar Ideas
>> Newsletters
√ Simple Scheduler Planner “Done for you” Checklist

Week 3

>> Branding, Website & Opt-ins
>> Become to Go To Expert in your Field
>> Marketing Made Easy
>> Social Media Hacks
 Auto-Responder “Done for you” Checklist
 Social Media Hack “Done for you” Checklist

Week 4

>> Developing Your Signature Package
>> Sales Calls that Convert into Sales
>> Program & Product Development
 Creating Powerful & Profitable Workshops 
√ Product Development Checklist 

Week 5

>> Your Calendar = Your Success
 Made for you Launch Checklist 

Week 6

>> What it Really Takes to make $10K a Month
>> Creating Your $10K+ a Month Formula
>> Event Planning
>> Legal 101
 Event Planning & Creation Step-by-Step
 Meditation Creation Step-by-Step Guide
 Ready To Launch Class 

Jen Champken
Jen Champken
“I would recommend the Flora Sage Biz Bootcamp for anyone who is struggling in how to develop or start their business.  I was feeling very stuck it was such a huge obstacle, the more I thought about it the more anxious I felt about my direction on where to go.  The classes were well laid out I left that class feeling more confident and amazing. Flora is down to Earth and explains each week with such flair and ease. Every week had great tips on where to go I felt that everything that was covered was what I needed to learn Now  I feel confident in moving forward and I have the tools that Flora teaches us to get my business going  I will succeed and do what I am mean to do thanks to this amazing bootcamp by Flora Sage. YAY !!! Thanks Flora for the amazing bootcamp.”

Total Bonus Content

These bonuses are designed to give you Simple Solutions to your most pressing questions throughout the program!

 Access to Private Facebook Group (Enrollment)    Valued at $1597
√ Shift Your Money Mindset Program (Enrollment) Valued at $347
√ Business Building Checklist (Week 1)                        Valued at $197
 How to Raise Your Vibrations Class (Week 1)          Valued at $147
√ Simple Scheduler Planner (Week 2)                           Valued at $147
 Done for You Auto-Responder Checklist (Week 3) Valued at $147
 Social Media Hack Checklist (Week 3)                       Valued at $147
Creating Powerful & Profitable Workshops  (Wk 4) Valued at $197
√ Product Development Checklist (Week 4)                 Valued at $197
 Made for you Launch Checklist (Week 5)                  Valued at $197
 Event Planning & Creation Step-by-Step  (Wk 6)    Valued at $297
 Meditation Creation Step-by-Step Guide (Week 6)  Valued at $147
 Ready To Launch Class (Week 6)                                 Valued at $247
 Lifetime Access to the Business Bootcamp Program
 Valued at $6,000

Total Bonuses are Valued at $10,000+

Access to this program is only available as a Member of the FloraSage Institute. Click HERE to find out more!

By Enrolling You Agree to our Terms and Conditions


Listen, I know what it’s like to try and navigate the online world of Business on your own. It’s not easy.

You may be thinking to yourself:

  • Where do I find my clients?
  • Will they buy what I have to offer?
  • I have no idea how to market my Business, where do I start?
  • I have no extra money to invest, can I build my business on a shoestring budget?
  • How do I begin charging for my services?

You are not alone.

In my program, Business Bootcamp, I help you get clear about what you have to offer your tribe so the perfect client will find you!

I teach you simple steps for how to find paying clients that are looking for what you have to offer and share with you how to create your products, services and offerings and price them to sell.

Each class is broken down into easy to follow checklists and action items so you only have to focus on one thing at a time.

As a Simplification Coach I am aware of how Business can feel overwhelming at times and make it a point to keep everything short, sweet and to the point (without the fluff!)

If you’re looking for a program where you’ll begin to see rapid results in your Business AND if you’re fed up with not getting the clients you know you can reach, then income you know you deserve and the time off you know you need, join the Business Bootcamp family today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m a new Spiritual Business owner, will this class work for me?
A: Yes, this class helps you to create a solid foundation so you can grow your Spiritual Business in a sustainable way.

Q: Is this for Online Spiritual Businesses ONLY? 
A: NO! This is for anyone with a Spiritual Business! 

Q: I’ve been in Business for 10+  years, what can this class offer me?
A: We will look at your Business, find the missing pieces and fill them in. By filling in the missing pieces you’ll save time & energy.  Having more time during the day will give you the opportunity to create & expand your Business.

Q: I don’t live in the USA, can I still attend?
A: Yes! We have participants from all over the world in this program. Our class hub in online (over the internet).

Q: What if I don’t know what a Sales Funnel is? Will you teach me what that is and what the other concepts are?
A: Yes, I’ll teach you what each concept is in depth, then we dig deep and work through the topic together. Chances are you have a Sales Funnel in your Business but you may not be calling it that.  

Q: What is the Return on my Investment? How soon will I see results in my Business?
A: If you implement the strategies outlined in this program you’ll begin to see results right away. 

Q: What if I don’t have money to hire a Virtual Assistant or other people to help me, will this class still work for me?
A: Yes!  I share with you my Time Saving Secrets & teach you how to Streamline Systems in your Business

Q: Does this class look at any Backend Systems or is it all frontend and Marketing?
A: We look extensively at both Backend Systems & Front end Marketing / Branding. I believe both must be in place to create a sustainable & thriving Business.

Q: I don’t know if I should take another online Business class. How is yours different than all the other Business classes being offered now?
A: Great Question! Many Business classes out right now are “101” classes where they teach you only the basics.  This class touches not only on the Basics but digs into the “Why” we have certain things in place.  Then we dig into the Advanced topics.  This gives the newcomer & seasoned Business owner an Advantage by helping you to create a Detailed Framework for Your Business.   As you go through each module, you see what you have in place already & what you don’t have in place. Then you begin to fill in the missing pieces.  


Access to this program is only available as a Member of the FloraSage Institute. Click HERE to find out more!

By Enrolling You Agree to our Terms and Conditions



Lane Robinson
Lane Robinson
“"I just finished taking your six week Business Bootcamp program and I don't think there is enough space on this page for me to rave about how much I learned and how much my business has improved.  Before taking the class, I had many of the components necessary to run a successful practice, but Flora's no BS, straight to the point methodology helped me figure out how to build a revenue generating engine.  The bonuses provided in the course were also AMAZING!  My personal favorites were the Shift Your Money Mindset course and the Auto-Responder Guide.  Before taking the course, I didn't understand how the parts fit together and what it really takes to succeed running an Internet-based business.  Now I have a plan, the tools, and the motivation to make a living being me.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is in the empowerment business, especially coaches and light workers.  Flora is an INCREDIBLE and dedicated teacher - truly at the top of her game and the perfect advisor to people who are ready to dig in and take their businesses to the next level of excellence.  Lane Robinson,"”

Kimi Sneeringer
Kimi Sneeringer
“This program was an answer to my prayers, it changed my Business and my Life! This is everything I needed to make my business Boom and SO much more!! Since working with Flora, I have Tripled my Daily Income, increased my traffic, likes and interactions on popular social media sites three-fold, and have clarity and vision about where I am taking my business next. I was able to start building my elite team, get a GREAT handle on my business finances, and invite four new clients my way in the first week! This course’s content is SO rich and filled with knowledge, information, and heartfelt wisdom that I was able to apply to my business right away – Flora makes everything so simple, clear and easy to implement that I started seeing incredible improvements even within the first 24 hours of starting the course! I am now confident and about my business path and KNOW that success will be mine because of the clarity that this class has given me. I loved Business Bootcamp so much that I am coming back for a second round so I can dig in and grow even more! If you are thinking about taking this class – DO IT. It will be the best decisions for your life and biz that you have ever made. Thank you Flora, You rock!!!!”

Dr. Amy Lam
Dr. Amy Lam
“Business Bootcamp with Flora is an action-packed program filled with so many helpful info and tips presented in an organized and simple way! I have been struggling with procrastination, but Flora’s program got me on a momentum to get my business moving within a short time with great results. I got more subscribers and am looking forward to reaching my financial goals soon. Anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level and increase their income, this is THE course.

Erick Silvermoon
Erick Silvermoon
Wanting to shift my Biz from “hobby” to a Full Time Career, I started to manifest a program.  Little did I know of how huge and powerful the results were going to be. Before this course, I totally self-sabotaged myself from some potentially huge opportunities because I also feared losing my full time job (which, btw, is not my passion).  After listening to just the first class, I was so inspired to start releasing the fears that I had about succeeding in my business.  The weekly action items helped me tremendously by allowing me to be honest with myself on where I am now, where I would like to be, and how I would like my future to look like.  The information is so current and Flora does a fabulous job of keeping you entertained and excited to keep pushing for your dreams and to do the work. As I applied what I learned I noticed that over the course of 24 hours I gained over 20 subscribers to my Newsletter, and the numbers keep climbing!  I have been trying for a month before hand, and managed to get only one!  I noticed that on my business page I was getting more engagement from potential clients.  I also noticed that I got almost 100 new likes on my Facebook business page in the course of 3 days!  Flora’s devotion to what she does, as well as helping others is a reason alone to sign up for this course, and others that she offers.  Flora continues to check in with me through the Business Bootcamp Group and provides fantastic tips and tricks,  to better our business mindset and to practice Self-Care so that we don’t burn out!  With the tools I have received from this course and with the support of the amazing people in the private Business Bootcamp Group; I will be able to finally leave my day job and work full time on my business plan for this year- from the amount of revenue I will be getting.  That is how confident I feel right now!  My action plan is solid! I have goals and set due dates!  I have support! I have invested in my future! I haven’t felt this excited about my business in years!  I have this drive to keep improving, to keep learning, and to keep my dreams alive.  I have seen and experienced the success that this course has offered to me and to others.   I will absolutely recommend this to every single person that is tired of being unsuccessful, that are willing to do the work, and that are ready to invest in their future! And, I say to those people “Get ready to get your hands dirty, get ready to experience huge Aha moments, and get ready for a successful life!  Thank you Flora Sage for this amazing opportunity and for your support in helping me get my business off the ground.  The tools you have provided in this course have really helped me become a better business minded individual.  I am beyond excited for my future!  Thank you!!!”

Kristen Kolman
Kristen Kolman
“"I chose to enroll in this program as I recently took over ownership of a small business and I was looking to make smart business decisions for growth. At the time, my biggest blocks were overcoming my fears (money mindset and marketing). Flora does a fabulous job of helping you break through fears to allow yourself to shine through your business. The "Shift Your Money Mindset" bonus class was huge in making this happen. The Business Bootcamp program is intense, and chuck full of useful information, tips, ideas, and inspiration. Using just ONE of the social media tips in the program, I had two new clients on my massage table within 48 hours. I now have a much clearer understanding of where the gaps are in my business, and I have goals to work towards as I navigate small business ownership. There is a lot of work to do, but I now have a roadmap to follow. I loved the weekly Q & A sessions, check lists, and bonus content. The support of community through the Business Bootcamp Facebook page was very encouraging. I also appreciate the lifetime access to the program as it may take more than one time through to soak up all of the fabulous content. I have grown as a person and as a business owner, and feel like I have the tools I need to take the next steps for my business' growth. I highly recommend the program to others who want to kick their business into high gear and who are willing to put in the effort to see results. Know that you are not alone as you navigate business ownership. Flora's spiritually-guided insight and the support of the Business Bootcamp community are in place to guide you along your way. I can't recommend this program enough. Thank you Flora!” ~ Kristen Kolman, CMT, Owner/Healing Arts Practitioner stillwaters-healing-logo-rgb-lr-300px

Mitch Oliver
Mitch Oliver
“This course was a Life Changing experience!!!  This is the Easiest & Most effective business building course I’ve ever taken! Flora’s lectures are Electrifying and hard hitting! With checklist galore, & more Free Bonus Material than I could handle. Flora taught me the tips and tricks of the online entrepreneurial world and GAVE me the CONFIDENCE and tools to soar to the next income bracket! Wohoo!  I feel SO Relaxed & Professional when it comes to my business now: I LOVE IT! I Highly Recommend this course to Anyone and Everyone who is sick of feeling stuck when it comes to their Business. Wether you’re a crafter on Etsy, or an online language teacher THIS IS THE COURSE that will help you shatter that glass ceiling and shoot you to the stars! With the AMAZING payment plan options that Flora offers it makes enrolling stress-free!”

Aprilynn Noriega
Aprilynn Noriega
“Learning how to mindfully build and create one’s ideal dream business, while maintaining total alignment with one’s spiritual values is priceless! This was an absolute game changer. I have enough guidance and direction to brainstorm, implement and likely last me the entire year. Discovering this program gave me both much needed structure as well as inspiration infinity!”

Dawna Richard
Dawna Richard
“I enrolled in Business Bootcamp with Flora because I believed Flora’s course could help me break down the barriers in my business allowing me to see bigger profits and play with the big boys. I had been struggling with Marketing myself and building my tribe as well as narrowing down my niche.  I knew from past experiences with Flora’s courses that I would benefit exponentially from her business wisdom.  Since taking this course I’ve already seen and increase in clients and sales. I love the simplicity and abundance of knowledge this course has. The investment in this course is well worth it’s weight in gold.  Flora over delivers as always.  To anyone considering doing this course I have to say “If you do the work and implement the actions outlined you will see positive results in their business.  I consider Flora one of my top business mentors.

Charlie Nichols
Charlie Nichols

This program is a 10 out of 10, IT HAS FUCKING BLOWN MY MIND!! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a simple, step-by-step program to help kick-start your business and get it off the ground so you can live a life of freedom following your passion!  For the past 3 years, I’ve been working hard on a project that just never seemed to come to fruition. Within a week of the Business Bootcamp, I not only saw that project begin to come to fruition, but I also doubled my weekly income, increased my followers, and am blowing through tasks that used to take me all day in a matter of mere hours!! I have more time, more energy, more excitement, and a renewed optimism in my dreams, goals, and sacred biz!

I took this class because after having read all the articles, watched all the videos, and sat through all the lectures and podcasts I could stomach, I was still only inching my way up the success pole. I could clearly see my vision and my outcome but it seemed like it was light years away! The steps in between now and dreams-come-true time were exhaustive, grueling, and frustrating.  Within the first two lessons of Business Bootcamp, I realized the problem was…me. Flora used her extensive experience in successful entrepreneurship and a flourishing sacred biz to coach, guide, and kick my ass into shape! If you are not willing to commit the time to step back and truly take a good, hard, honest look at yourself and the state of your biz, this is not the course for you. But those of you who want to see the shining success that always seemed to be looming on the elusive horizon but never within reach and are willing to dedicate just 6 weeks to exponential growth and show up for yourself, the results you experience will be far better than the ones you can even imagine! Before this class, I was feeling defeated, angry, and worn down working two jobs (day job / sacred biz) and seeing minimal success. Now it’s not a matter of “if” I get to quit my day job, but of “when.” Not only am I more optimistic about my business, but I actually feel like I have more clarity on my niche than ever before! That allows me to truly target those who I want to work with and I get to hold the reins of my own success. And baby, we are ready to RUN!  My favorite part of this course?  Flora throws in little golden nuggets all through this course, and the great part, I get to do it over, and over, and over and learn new insights about my biz and my success anytime I need a little inspiration and motivation! FUCK YES!”

Denise Neal
Denise Neal
“As a solo business owner, I tend to have several irons in the fire and not enough hours in a day to follow through. I am currently a local brick and mortar business, but have have recently began to branch outside of my comfort zone. By that, I mean grandiose dreams of expanding via internet with my growing niche of talents.   The ideas roll in, the excitement grows…..and the self-doubt forms. With this class, I learned how to hold on to that brilliant idea thrill – piece it together and make a plan. The way she broke down how to REALLY make and commit to goals and tasks made it seem SIMPLE and fun – 2 things it has not been for me. I could not see the forest before the trees – I now have focus and a rock solid plan. Flora is fun, educational, extremely knowledgeable, and she includes so much coaching – what a PERK. I would highly suggest this program to anyone who wants to learn how to put together a plan that will manifest your dreams in a cut to the chase, simple way. You will not regret this decision!!!!!!!!”

Tina Busyhead
Tina Busyhead
“Yay Flora!I have had the hardest time streaming my business and a little over whelmed. I had no clue of where to to start! But yay! Flora to the rescue. I have found a system that works for me, my self confidence in my business is boosted, and my business is picking up fast! Faster then I could have ever expected!”

Katie McBrien
Katie McBrien
“In this course I have gotten more clarity with how to move my business from ‘bleh’ to super powerful and profitable than any other course I have taken before! I have been busy from day one implementing the many different actionable items given throughout this course and I have seen an increase in my satisfaction & my customers! Flora truly is the simplification coach she took business related matters which can be confusing and dull and made them easy and fun! I highly recommend this course to anyone who has a business that is in need of simplification. You CAN create the business you dreamed about with Flora by your side! If you take the time to do what she suggests I know that you will see a change in your business!”


Access to this program is only available as a Member of the FloraSage Institute. Click HERE to find out more!

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By participating in this program, you acknowledge that I cannot guarantee your results or the effort you put forth towards gaining those results. This program is designed for self-starters and participants who are willing to put forth effort towards their business and their desired outcomes.  Does this program substitute working with me 1:1? No.  Working privately with me 1:1, I am able to customize your program and tailor it to your specific niche and area of focus, allowing you to get maximum results.  The way I teach this program, however, has served my client base in a wide range of niches/focuses for those who are willing to step up and create a business they desire. I cannot guarantee the outcome of coaching efforts and/or recommendations on my website/blog/email series and my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the coaching/program services purchased as described above.