Four Steps to Manifesting

Have you wanted to work with the Law of Attraction but aren’t quite sure how to do it? 

Today I’m going to share with you the Simple Four step process I’ve used to manifest a house, a car, a boat and so much more! 

Here goes: 

  1. Figure out what you want
  2. Write it Down
  3. Believe it’s going to Happen
  4. Take Inspired Action steps 

Here are the four steps broken down:

Step 1: Figure out what you want.  In this step it’s important for you to be very specific with what you want.

The more specific you can be the better.

Do you want a car?

If Yes, What kind of car? Make, model, color, features?

Doing this will help tune your energy to the frequency of this particular thing.

Step 2: Write it down. This is simple enough.

Write down what you want as if you already have it in your life.

For example: “I’m so grateful now that I have a new red 2017 Mercedes Benz CLA250. It feels so good driving it and I love the way it looks in my garage.” 

Next Step 3: Believe it’s going to happen.  Truly believe this desire is going to manifest in your life.

Notice where you feel like your faith is wavering.

Step 4: Take inspired action towards that desire. This is a very important step and one that most people don’t do.

Many manifesting or law of attraction experts will teach that you just wait and the universe does it’s thing.

The universe can only bring you what you are a vibrational match for.

If you are still in a place of waiting and wishing, that doesn’t bring you closer to having that thing.

But when you take action, that shifts your energy forward brining you closer to that thing.

One way the universe does this is by giving you the baby steps to help you move closer to getting that thing you really want.

Check out this video where I share how I manifested my FIRST ever manifestation.

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