How to Manifest Anything FAST!

This weeks Fearless Friday episode, which is based off of our weekly What’s Up Wednesday call, we look at How to be a Powerful Manifester. 

We talked about the many times we manifest something that we think we wanted but turns out that is wasn’t for us.

The more conscious we are and the more we allow ourselves to be in the moment that we gain so much from it.

Think about those things that you didn’t wished or asked for but you got something that was amazing and just want you needed. Now think about getting what you wished for and finding out it was not what you thought it was going to be like.

Abraham Hicks suggested that when we would like to manifest something, that we should not be too specific but rather be more emotionally connected to what we actually need in this very moment. Let our feelings articulate what it is we really would like. So, most teachers always say to be very specific and to tell the Universe exactly want you want and when you want it, to be demanding. But think about this. How many times have we gotten exactly what we said we “wanted” but once we got it, it turned out to be all wrong for us?

So, if we take Abraham’s suggestions to trust in the Universe to understand what our heart and soul actually needs at this very moment in our lives. Then maybe we will get what we truly need and benefit so much from it.

I, personally, am very specific with what I want to manifest but I don’t believe I honestly think about how having that manifestation is going to better my life. Will it make me happier? OR Will it become a burden that I will regret? One thing is certain that the Universe always gives us what we want but just not in the way we think we are going to get it. How many times do we manifest something without thinking about the consequences?

When we focus on something so much, does ego come in and try to derail us? I think Ego definitely wants to pull us back and it does have an effect on how we are feeling when we are manifesting something. Ego makes us doubt ourselves before we even finish asking what it is we want.

Sometimes Ego loves telling us the “I told you so!”

“Well you got the car you wanted. Didn’t realize it was going to financially burden you huh?” – Ego

Make sure that you really think about what this manifestation is going to bring into your life. Think about the  Ebb & Flow of life; how it moves back and forth, sometimes against the current and then with the current. The ebb is always some type of challenge but it does bring with it growth and a lesson to learn. Honor the ebb and the flow.

Do you manifest any ebb in your life?

We would benefit from thinking through what it is we think we want and figure out if it is right for us. Find out how it would make us feel to have this (fill in the blank) in our life. How do you want to feel?

If you want to feel happy; Okay, well, what is it that you want that would truly make you happy? And manifest that into your life. See yourself getting what it is that you want and it adding nothing less than what you want from it.

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