Jennifer Constantine – Certified Psychic

1. What brought you to the Spiritual path that you are on now?

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t immersed in wonder with the spirit realm. As a child and teen I was attentive and fascinated with the worlds that exist just beyond our five senses of perception. My intuitive abilities developed quickly as a result of my openness and willingness to listen and learn. Although adversity has met me at every corner, in retrospect, those challenges served to rapidly crystalize my connection to my guides. For me, there was no other path to choose!

2. What inspired you to become a Professional Ethical Psychic?

It was only somewhat recently that I made the decision to do this work professionally. I’ve done amateur readings for years and I was always very excited by the idea of someday being able to do this on a grander level! I feel a calling to offer my own insights and interpretations and share it with the world. I feel as if I’ve been preparing for this work my entire life.
3. What is your favorite Divination method and why?

Tarot cards are by far my favorite method of divination. My cards are my little helpers, they each have personalities and stories and they are so accurate at reflecting the many hidden facets of an issue. It is very much like asking the Universe to draw me a map, and then it is up to me to intuit the messages and articulate to my client what the messages are. The Tarot is an art, some would argue that it is a science! It is very special to me and treat my decks the way I would treat trusted friends. With respect and gratitude. I have been experimenting with crystals and runes as well! Creativity and intuition guide all of my readings and I tend to use two or more methods of divination in a single reading. 
4. What is the most powerful change you have seen in yourself since taking the certification course?

This course challenged me to step way out of my comfort zone on so many levels. We all know that nothing can transform while in a state of complacency. So getting a little bit uncomfortable and facing my fears was a huge factor that played into my growth! I was forced to contend with what held me back from trusting my intuition wholly. This has given me a sense of self trust, confidence and tenacity that I have never had before. It was very scary at first to embrace this work without fear or self judgment! But I soon learned that my only limits were the ones I placed on myself.
5. Tell us one surprise that has come out of you taking this course.

I was most surprised with how encouraging it was to accomplish the smaller goals along the way. With each class came a new level of awareness, a new challenging question. By starting small and keeping myself on track with small goals (like psychic exercises and daily visualizations) I became motivated and energized by little improvements. I actually desired to make time for it because I loved it so much! It was an unexpected surprise surely, to experience this seamless integration of spiritual work into my every day life. 
6. What was your favorite part of the Certification Process?

My favorite part was graduating! But really, I enjoyed the whole process. I think that I got the most out of Flora’s take on divination and mediumship! I took away a lot of new tools and techniques that I would never have learned had I not completed this program. I apply these techniques to all of my readings! 
7. What do the people in your life think about your path as a Reader?

Those closest to me know that this is my life’s work. My husband and friends support me deeply and they enjoy seeing me happy in my work. To them, they’ve seen me walk this path for so many years that it’s not anything new to them! The only difference now is that I can officially call myself a professional! 
8. What types of services do you offer? 

I currently offer sessions of 30 minute or 60 minute readings. I can incorporate several alternative methods of divination depending on the client’s preferences. 

9. How can our readers locate you in cyberspace? 

I am currently working on a business page on Facebook! Stay tuned!
10. What advice do you have for those considering this course?

My advice to anyone considering this course would be to jump into it wholeheartedly and without reservations. There is nothing to lose but fear. Nothing is ever accidental so if you feel called to do this work then you should feel obligated to answer! Drop any excuses, because excuses are bred from fear. 
11. Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

I’d like to add that the nature of my work is for the benefit of all of humanity, my intentions are to outwardly place as much positive and helpful energy that I can into the collective. That is what motivates me to put into action all that i internalize, because what the world needs right now is people who have come alive with passion for whatever it is that they love! My mission as a seeker of truth is to express in this realm the beauty which lives inside my heart. I feel blessed with my own gifts and it is my honor to have the opportunity to share my work with so many people, and it’s my hope to inspire other people to live their dreams too!