Manifesting Loop Hole

Personal note: I’ve been getting so many emails about manifesting and how it can be EASY… That I want to repost a blog post I did back in 2014 about this. 

Working with the Law of Attraction can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be.

You must first get really clear about What you Want… then expect it to come to you. Then, eventually, it does.

But is it really that easy?

For some it IS that easy, for others it’s not!

In working with the Law of Attraction (LOA) for well over a decade, I’ve discovered a Fabulous loop hole that makes attracting what you want SO Much Faster!

Notice Resistance!

Notice resistance you say? 


Resistance comes in when we aren’t clear about the role we play in our manifesting efforts. 

Know that when you manifest anything in your life, you have to look at and notice the resistance you are feeling around each of these: 

  • Who – You – You are the one calling the shots in your life.  Own it!   
  • What – You – You are the one deciding what you really want to manifest in your life.
  • Where – You – You are also the one deciding the direction your life is going in. Where you are headed in is a vision for you to hold. 
  • When – Universe – Divine timing trumps your timeline any day. 
  • Why – You – When you are clear about why you want something and that why is in perfect alignment with your authentic self, there is no stopping you. 
  • How – Universe – The universe has a way better way to bring you what you want then you ever could imagine.  When I manifested my full college scholarship, car, a move across the country and a house all bills paid, I could have NEVER imagined the How.  But the Universe delivered. 

So, What do you want to manifest? 

  • A Car?
  • New house?
  • Supportive mate? 
  • Vacations?
  • Spa Treatments?
  • Cold hard cash?

Write down five things you want to manifest. After you write them out, notice any; resistance, tension, dropping of your energy, doubt, fear, etc… that may come up when you look at each item.

The loop hole to manifest things on your list faster is to notice that resistance and call it out.

That’s right.

Let’s just say that you want a car but when you look at that item on your list, your heart drops, fear starts to come in and you doubt you will manifest $30,000 to get a car. 

This is where you can start to do your “Loop hole work”. And this brings us to this weeks challenge.

Weekly Challenge:

  1. Write out 5 things you want to manifest
  2. Notice any resistance, tension, dropping of your energy, doubt, fear, etc… that may come up when you look at each item.
  3. Out loud say “Why do I feel ___Fill in the blank____ when I think about manifesting a car? ie… “Why do I feel doubt when I think about manifesting a car?”
  4. Then Answer yourself “I feel doubt because I don’t think $30,000 is just going to drop out of the sky so I can buy a car.”
  5. Keep up with the questions and Challenge yourself and your old thought patterns about how things manifest in life. (“Why do I feel it’s challenging or hard to manifest $30,000 for a car” “Could I win a car? Yes” “Someone could give or gift me a car” “I could win the money for the car” etc…

Money is just a means of energy exchange… Value for Value… It is a neutral resource for your to use as you wish. 

The more we “Recognize and Call out” the resistance that we feel when we look at our list of things to manifest and then “Challenge” those feelings, the easier it is to clear them.

Once you clear them, there are No obstacles in the way.

Things will begin to manifest very quickly in your life.

To Prove my Example about money being a form of energy exchange and that you don’t need money to obtain items, I recommend you read this story about the Red Paper Clip. This gentleman began with one red paperclip and “Traded Up” for things… eventually trading for a House. Yes, a House.

Read the story here:

Another thing you can do is begin to declare to the Universe that you are a Money Magnet! You Are SO Lucky! You Win Things All the Time! You Are a Powerful Manifestor! You Manifest Easily and Effortlessly! Name and Claim these things and your Life will quickly change! :)

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