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Learn my “Rinse & Repeat” Accelerated Manifesting Formula
& Begin Manifesting Your Dreams Today!

You’ve tried it all…

Read books, listened to podcasts & have audios on repeat

The Law of Attraction
Mantras & Affirmations

Vision Boards
& Meditations

You’ve Wished Upon a Star… But still no Luck!

You’ve tried everything you know to try, BUT you’re still not manifesting consistently if at all!

You’re not alone.

Are You Ready To

  • Quickly Get What You Want?

  • Trust the Manifesting Process?
  • How to Stay Focused While Manifesting?
  • Learn to Get Rid of the Things that are Blocking You?
  • Learn my Step-by-Step Manifesting Process?
  • How to Repeat this Process Anytime?

You’re in the Right Place!

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Hi, I’m Flora Sage! I am so excited to support you & help you get what you want!

It is my deepest & highest desire to help you get out of the struggle & into a place of true happiness in your life. 

Do You Want…


More Money

a New Home

a New Vehicle or more?

When You Enroll in this Amazing Program Now, You’ll Learn My Accelerated Manifesting Process to Quickly Get What You Want so you can Finally have the life you want!

You Deserve It!  

Listen, I know what it’s like to wish, want & go without.

I lived this way for years, until one day I had had enough!

Let me tell you how I discovered my Accelerated Manifesting Process! 

In 2003 . . .

I was a Single Mom of two kids that was homeless, jobless & living in my sister’s spare room. Feeling like life (and the Universe) had deserted me, I prayed for a miracle & the “Next Step”. 

When I first started wanting a change in my life, I was struggling to manifest any of substance.

I heard about the law of attraction, tried affirmations, I tried vision boards, but nothing was working.

I was struggling to make anything stick and was so frustrated.

So, I realized I was going to have to do some major research on the Law of attraction thing and figure out what exactly I was missing and why it wasn’t working.

During that time I discovered a simple formula that helped me start manifesting.

In the first four months of trying out the process, I manifested cash for a car, a full college scholarship (with a monthly allowance) an all expense paid move across the country and a house that was move in ready.

Over the last 14 years I’ve perfected and fine-tuned this “Rinse and Repeat” formula and created a life that I love and a multiple six figure a year business. I’ve helped my clients and student learn formula and they’ve manifested promotions, cars, trips, life partners, apartments, pets and so much more.

I went from struggling and banging my head against the wall because nothing was working, to a Rinse and Repeat manifesting formula that works every time.

I stopped worrying about how to pay bills, or where to meet people or how to find that perfect apartment or car. Things just started coming to me.

I let the formula do all the work!

If you’re at that same place where you feel like no matter what you do, what you try or what you implement isn’t working for you and isn’t bringing what you want to you listen up.

What I’d like to share with you today is that I have a complete accelerated manifesting formula in my training program called Manifesting Made Easy.

Inside this training we cover everything you need to know to master my “Rinse and Repeat” manifesting formula.

This complete formula shows you how to work in tandem with the laws of manifesting so you can start getting what you want right away.

Using this formula I manifested a Cold Hard Cash (enough to buy a Car), a Full College Scholarship, a Move Out of State and a New House (all move-in expenses paid for)!

Since then I have manifested So Many things in my life that I have lost track of counting them.

I Want to Teach You How I Manifested The Following…

*Two Houses

*Full College Scholarship
(With a monthly Allowance)

*Cash for Two Cars

*A Boat

*A Dog

* Multiple Vacations

*FREE SPA Treatments


*Multiple Six-Figure a Year Dream Job 


Let me Teach you my Simple Step-by-Step Method of Accelerated Manifesting that Works Every Time!

Start Manifesting Now!

What You’ll Experience

Welcome Week

  • Manifesting Quick Start Guide
  • Getting Clear About Your Goal for the Next Four Weeks [What You Want to Manifest]
  • Looking at your “Why” so you can manifest quickly
  • Meet Fellow Classmates

Get to know your tribe

module 1

Module 1

  • Review the Quick Start Guide
  • Learn the Laws of Manifesting
  • Find Out What REALLY Influences Your Manifesting
  • LIVE Call & Q&A
  • November 7, at 6pm CST [via Telecast & Webcast]

Module 2

  • Why Mindset is So Important 
  • How “Thinking” Can Make or Break Your Efforts
  • Reviewing Your “WHY” & How it Can Mess Things Up
  • What to do when you have Resistance to Manifesting
  • LIVE Call & Q&A
  • November 14, at 6pm CST [via Telecast & Webcast]

Module 2

module 3

Module 3

  • Manifesting Gone Wrong – What to do when you get things you don’t want
  • Troubleshoot Your Manifesting
  • How to Clean up your Energetic Static
  • Learn my Accelerated Manifesting Secret – (aka. How to Get things FAST!)
  • LIVE Call & Q&A
  • November 21, at 6pm CST [via Telecast & Webcast]

Module 4

  • Reviewing the Manifesting Process
  • How to Manifest the “Big Things”
  • How to Repeat the Process Over & Over Again
  • LIVE Call & Q&A
  • November 28, at 6pm CST [via Telecast & Webcast]

module 4

The Details

What You Get:

  • Welcome Week – Manifesting Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • Four Action Packed Modules
  • MP3 Downloads of Each Weekly Module 
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group


  • Mastering the 11 Spiritual Laws Full Program – $397 Value
  • Three (3) One Page Manifesting Cheat Sheets – $97 Value
  • Lifetime Office Hours Q&A Access in the FloraSage Institute Inner Circle – $1997 Value
  • Five(5) Facebook LIVE Q&A Sessions in our Facebook Group – $997 Value

Valued at over $3400+

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