Manifesting What You Don’t Want

Here is a short Q&A thread about “Manifesting what we don’t want” from my Facebook Group:

Question from Group member: “Why is it when you don’t want something (say to get married), it seems to show up everywhere (proposals left and right). But when you’re pining for something (same scenario), you can’t seem to get a guy to look at you?”

Answer from Me: “Because you’re resisting it. What you resist persists.”

Question: “But then how does manifesting work, if exhibit A is true, wouldn’t manifesting be the opposite?”

Answer:  “When you’re welcoming in the manifestation and are looking for it to come into your life, you’re matching your energy to it. So you manifest it. 

When you’re resisting something, you’re focusing on the thing you don’t want, so you also will get that.

When you focus your attention on anything, you are matching your energy to it.

It’s your focus that determines what you are manifesting.”

(End of Q&A)

How many times have you found yourself in this situation?  Not wanting something in your life but then you end up attracting just that thing?

It’s SOOO frustrating to be in this place.

When we get in this situation a few things happen.

You are either focusing on having something, or not having it.

Where ever you focus your attention THAT is where your energy flows to.

Your energy becomes a vibrational match to that thing you are focusing on.

So, How can you begin to focus on what you WANT instead of what you DON’T WANT?

Reprogram your thoughts through this simple trick!

Let’s say you need to manifest $2000 this month.

You could focus on not having the money and begin worrying about what will happen if you don’t get it.

Or you could focus on seeing the money come to you and then receiving it.

Money pressures are the most challenging for people to over come when they don’t know how to work with the Law of Thinking.

The Law of Thinking will help you reprogram your thoughts and your vibration, so you’ll be a vibrational match to HAVING THE MONEY, or whatever else you want to manifest!

The Law of thinking tells us that “What you think about comes about”

Reprogram your thoughts is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Know that your Desire of having something is the Universe telling you that it’s yours and that it’s ready to come to you. This will set your mind at ease when or if you begin to think that you may not deserve this extra $2000 this month.  Or whatever you’re trying to manifest.  
  2. Be in alignment with having the thing you want by saying: “$2000 is Mine! Thank you Peeps / Universe / God!” and begin to celebrate it coming into your life. 
  3. Express Gratitude for having that thing come to you. When you praise what you are getting and what is coming to you, THAT will begin to reprogram your personal vibrational energy to be a match for having the money come to you.

Now it’s your turn:

What is one thing you want to manifest this month?

When do you want to manifest it by?

Do you believe you can have it?

Are you focusing on the having it or not having it?

Now begin the three step process in a simple phrase you can say throughout the day:

“I am so grateful and thankful now that I have manifested _________ in my life. Having this desire is the universe telling me that this thing was ready to come to me. And it was! I am so excited now that I have manifested ______ In my life.”

Wohoo! You’re well on your way to manifest your hearts desire. 

After working with the laws of Manifesting for the past 14 years, I’ve discovered a very simple way to have them work FOR You. 

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