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Take your business & life to the next level.

With over $50,000 worth of classes, programs and coaching, you get instant access to over 1000+ hour of content plus you can request personalized training modules from Flora.

By enrolling you agree to our terms, conditions & other legal stuff.

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Weekly Training & Coaching

That will teach you how to…

Unlock the Power of Your Mind

Mastering your mindset is essential if you want to start creating the life you want. Once you shift your mindset, you can have it all.

Activate & Amplify your Frequency.

Removing blocks to intuition and manifesting is key to creating a life and business that allows you to Thrive. 

Map Out Your Daily Course.

Learn what the top 1% of the population does to acceleration their results and navigate throughout their day. 

See Results Right Away

When you join the Mastermind Mafia you’ll…

  • Get a private Kickstart session with me to help you create a clear plan of action so you can start to see results right away.

  • Receive Instant Access over 1000+ hours of classes, programs and coaching to help you accelerate your progress.

  • Accelerate your results by learning shortcuts to success. 

  • Learn my time saving methods of activating your Intuition, Manifesting, Business Building and more.

  • Gain access to our Private Facebook group and bonus trainings.

By enrolling you agree to our terms, conditions & other legal stuff.


“Being a Member has helped me acknowledge that I deserve to be happy & gave me back the confidence to do what is needed to make that happen ❤!” ~ Crystal McGraw

“I am better able to ground & center in stressful situations. I ‘ve learned great business tips & am able to space clear & manifest like a mofo! Love the work that you do & I am so grateful to have found you years ago on Youtube!” ~ Rai Smith

“You helped me embrace my spirituality.  I’ve gained confidence to be the truest form of myself I can be and will continue to grow to be Thank you for that!!” ~ Heather Ryno


Some of the Things You’ll Learn

  • Rapidly grow your business in 10 min a day

  • Get more done in less time – giving you MORE TIME OFF

  • Activating your Intuition 

  • Mastering the Laws of Manifesting

  • Elevate – Change your habits change your life

  • Activate your wealth codes and remove money blocks for good

  • Learn to set goals and how to achieve them every time

  • Learn the secrets of successful business owners who have built empires

  • Declutter your life and business for maximum results 

  • Eliminate the BS in your life so you can finally have and get what you want

  • Hack into the power of your mind and get more done in less time

Whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner, or have no business at all, the FloraSage Institute is for you! 

In 2010 I opened the doors to the FloraSage Institute giving YOU Full Access to my arsenal of Personal, Spiritual & Business Development programs to help you take your life and business to the next level.

Mastermind Mafia Access – Membership

  • The Biggest Bang for your buck of all that I offer – Access over $50,000 worth of classes, programs & coaching for only $97 a month
  • 24/7 Instant Access to over 1000+ hours of content 
  • Receive personal & business support from me on our EIGHT LIVE calls every month

The tools available to you in the Institute are unmatched anywhere and are truly life changing!  Every week there is new content begin added to help you master your life and business so you will truly thrive. 


KirstyLowBlacknWhite“My favorite part of the Institute is our private Facebook Group & the members. My favorite part of the live calls is how open and real Flora is about her life. She encourage us to learn, grow and reach out as a tribe.

During each call, I instantly feel at ease and connected with Flora. It is just like sitting down and having coffee with a close friend. After the calls, I feel inspired to make my own life from good to great knowing I have on-going support along the way.

– Kirsty Low


I love the Live Calls each week. It inspires me, encourages me, gives me new ideas.   These calls are re-charging…. a perfect BOOST for the Day. 

I speak with Flora 3 times per month for Business Coaching and never tire of her enthusiasm and ideas for helping my dreams manifest. The other Live Calls are just whipped cream on top of the cake! After meeting her at the Retreat last weekend? I’m here to tell you. This powerful little Fairy is the REAL thing. She truly TRULY cares and is passionate about her work and helping people succeed in their dreams. Never underestimate this little dynamo……truly authentic, caring, smart as a whip, and she KNOWS her stuff.”

– Denise Bressette Neal

MoodyThursdayListening to the live calls each week is like re-charging my batteries. It gives me that mid-week “uumph” that re-energizes me so I can continue the week.  My Favorite parts of the calls are the personal stories, and the topics. I also like that the Institute is not an abandoned website, there is new content weekly.

Investing in the Institute is definitely one of those things that if you do the work, you see the results. Simple as that. The value you gain from the ‘core classes’ alone is worth it.

– ~*Moody Thursday*~

Enroll Now & Get Instant Access

Private Kickstart Session

Right away you’ll get a private kickstart session with me so we can discuss, where you are, where you want to be. We will create a plan of action so you achieve your goal in the shortest time possible.

Mastermind Mafia Content

You will get instant access to over 1000+ hours of classes, programs, meditations, coaching and more. 

By enrolling you agree to our terms, conditions & other legal stuff.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with other High Achieving people who have the same mission as you!  Every day we connect, inspire and take action together.

More Testimonials

jodi-yauchI am amazed at how many transformational tools are available to Institute members!  The
monthly group readings are so fun and I look forward to them each month.

I am blown away by the synchronicity of the live call topics, and how they can be so in synch with what’s going on in my life; offering a challenge, a gem of advice, or a gentle reminder of exactly what I needed to hear at that time. 

I also love being a part of this community, where I can bounce ideas and experiences off of other like-minded people.”

– Jodi Yauch


The Institute has been incredible for me! Each class, workshop and download has so much usable information I find myself re-listening to them over and over again.

Flora takes out all of the guess work and teaches you everything she knows about a topic. I would highly recommend the Mastermind Mafia Membership to you if you are looking for a deeper connection to yourself and your spirit. Your life will not be the same! 

– Karen McBride

erick-silvermoonHaving an membership to the Mastermind Mafia, is like having access to your very own treasure chest filled with gold! 

It is so easy to find what you need from meditations, courses, classes, discussions, LIVE Group readings (which are amazing), and my oh so favorite- Live Calls! 

I highly recommend this resource to everyone I know!

– Erick Silvermoon

dawna-richardI have grown and gained so much awareness about myself through these classes, workshops and especially the LIVE What’s up Wednesday calls

If you’re sitting on the fence about joining the Mastermind Mafia or any of Flora’s offerings take the leap.  It is well worth the investment & insight you will gain.”

– Dawna Richard

susan“Flora’s Institute has been an invaluable resource for my personal & spiritual growth! During the most challenging times in my life recently, I have found myself returning to the Institute repeatedly to learn, grow and comfort myself.

I now think differently about money, life and relationships. I return over and over to Flora’s meditations, Shift Your Money Mindset and Freedom from Fear classes. The information in the Inner Circle makes it easy for those desiring to grow, understand and make lasting changes in their lives to do so!

The biggest gift that I have received from the Inner Circle is now KNOWING, deep within my soul, that I DO have control over my life and I am NOT simply a victim of my circumstances. This knowing has brought so much peace into my life.

– Susan Malik







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Our Membership Features Mastermind Mafia
BONUS: Private Kickstart Session w/ Flora to help you see results right away! x
FACEBOOK GROUPS:   Mastermind Mafia
High Vibe Tribe – Facebook Group x
Mastermind Mafia Private Facebook Group x
Sacred Sanctuary Meditation Album x
Mini Meditations for Your Busy Lifestyle Meditations x
Fearlessly Inspired Meditation Album x
Journey Within the Chakras Meditation Album x
Celestial Acclimation Meditation Album x
Earth Affirmations Album x
The Yay Factor Affirmations Album x
LIVE MEMBER CALLS:    Mastermind Mafia
Monthly Group Readings x
Monthly Office Hours LIVE x
Planning Posse Planning Parties x
Monthly Group Coaching x
Twice Monthly What’s Up Wednesday Calls x
What’s Up Wednesday Archives x
Business Q&A Coaching Calls x
Intuition 101 x
Meditation 101 x
Space Clearing for You! x
Freedom From Fear Workshop x
Balance vs Harmony x
Own Your Power, Own Your Energy x
Stopping Self-Sabotage x
Judgement vs Comparison – Getting Past it x
Color Therapy x
Chakras 101 x
Spirit Guides Meet & Greet x
Arch Angels x
How to Raise Your Personal Vibrations x
Journey Through Journaling x
Auric Cord Removal for Personal Use x
How to Get Anything You Want – four step process x
New Story New You – Change your life by rewriting your story x
Time Management for Busy People x
Bullshit Eliminator Quick Start Class x
Ongoing Monthly Business Trainings Released each month x
How to Create an Oracle Card Deck x
How to Find Your Niche x
Creating Your Sales Funnel x
Program & Product Development x
Social Media Hacks x
Ready to Launch – Launching Your Programs x
Event & Retreat Planning x
How to Create Powerful & Profitable Workshops x
How to Create a Meditation Album x
FULL PROGRAMS: Spiritual, Personal & Business focused   Mastermind Mafia
Fearlessly Inspired 12 Week Program x
Year & a Day 53 week Program x
Simplify – 10 Declutter Extravaganza x
Shift Your Money Mindset Program x
Mastering the 11 Spiritual Laws Program
Auric Cord Removal & Light Body Illumination Practitioner Certification x
Professional Ethical Psychic Non-Certification Program x
Manifesting Made Easy Program x
Journal – 15 Day Experience Program x
Bullshit Eliminator 30 Day Experience Program x
Elevate – Change your Habits Change your Life x
Thrive – Build Your Six-Figure Coaching Biz x
30 Day Business Jumpstart  x
Business Bootcamp Program x
30 Days 30 Ways – Rapidly Grow Your Biz in 10 min a Day x
“I love your programs! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to try them out!”
~ Amanda Gustafson
“I Signed up at the beginning of the summer and it has changed my life. No Joke.”  
~ Michelle Ryan
I just signed up yesterday and can’t believe how much is in the Institute. Awesome”
~ Angela Sambrook