Planning Tip: Keep The Momentum

Welcome to another month…. How are feeling about your yearly goals?

Are you staying focused?

How’s your motivation?

During this time of year, just when we’re settling into new routines and building momentum…

LIFE happens!

Sometimes these life events are amazing, other times they aren’t.

But either way, they throw us off of our new routines and daily habits.

This month is all about keeping up your momentum and staying focused on your goals when these unexpected life events happen. 

Here are three ways to help you keep the momentum up this month: 

  1. Honor when “Life Happens” – when something new comes into our life, its easy to let it take center stage and throw you off of your planning game.  When life throws you these curve balls, learn to hit them out of the ball park.  One way to do this is to just stop and recognize the value in what has just happened. If it’s a fabulous curve ball, celebrate it!  If it’s a challenging curve ball, ask for help from your tribe, soul sisters and people who will be there for you at this time.Either way, find the Value in whatever is going on.  When you resist the change, get caught up in it or let it throw you off, you miss the point.  Life is about the journey, not just the destination.
  2. Review your WHY – Why do you want to achieve this goal in your life? What will it bring you? What will it give you? Is it a true priority right now? If you don’t do it, how will that make you feel?  When you why isn’t in alignment with your life as it is today, you might want to think about shifting your goals to stay in alignment with your new priorities.
  3. Time Block Your Goals – Time blocking, block scheduling or “Batch Working” your goals is HUGE and will help save your sanity! (Plus save you loads of time!) Time Blocking is when you set aside time during your day to ONLY work on ONE thing.  Without distractions, notifications, alerts, emails, phone calls, etc…. Whether its one hour or five hours, this time block is only for one task at a time.I discuss “Batch Working” in my book Year in Reverse and is a client favorite method for creating massive amounts of content shortly, but will sum it up for you here.Think about your day and your task list.Now think about how important your goals are for you, your life and your happiness.At the beginning of every week pull out a piece of paper and write down five MUST ACCOMPLISH TASKS for the upcoming week.  (one per day)Next write out one time block per day when you could work on just that one task.

    One task may take you 10 min or 3 hours.

    Focusing on one important task per day will help you check those things off your list, AND most importantly, bring you closer to achieving your goals for this year. 

    And Keep the Momentum of your goals moving forward! 

As always… Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Seek out those who have “Been there, done that.” with the same goals you want to accomplish. 

I know you can create a fabulous year and it all starts with you and your commitment to you and your future! :D 

I’ve created several tools to help you stay on track with your goals this year: 

  1. Join our Free Facebook Group to get daily support for your goals: Click HERE to Join!
  2. Year in Reverse Planning Guide – Simple guide to plan your year
  3. Year in Reverse Weekly Planning Pages – Action item pages for every month of the year!
  4. Planning Posse – Monthly Planning Party’s to keep you focused all month long.

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