Planning Tip: Qtr 1 Review – Success

The first quarter of the year is done and we are well on our way to the next quarter in our lives and business. 

How far did you come in your goals? 

Did you stay on track? 

Now is the perfect time to review your first 90 days. 

Some questions to ask yourself this month: 

  1. Did I accomplish my 90 day goals? 
  2. Did I make a consistent effort everyday? 
  3. Did I ask for help when I needed it? 
  4. What worked well? 
  5. What didn’t work well? 
  6. What do I want to accomplish during the next quarter of the year – Next 90 days? [April, May, June]
  7. What will I do during the next 90 days to ensure my success? 
  8. Do I have a support system in place to help me achieve success? 

When answering these questions, be honest with yourself about what you know… and what you don’t know. What you’ve done and what you haven’t done.

Be willing to ask for help when you need it. 

More importantly, I think what we need to do, is take a look at what your definition of success is for you.

When you take your definition into account, things change.  


Your definition of success will greatly influence how you view your end result. 

How does it make you feel when you reflect on the past 90 days 

When you think about “A Successful Person” What or whom comes to mind? 

When you think of the word “Success” do you really know what it means to you? 

Having a clear definition and idea about what Success means to you, is key in doing any type of goal or life review. 

Success looks differently for most people. 

Success could mean: 

  • Money in the bank
  • Public recognition 
  • Time off
  • Praise from someone you admire
  • A book on the New York Times Best Seller list
  • Your name in the local paper
  • etc…. 

Until you have a clear idea / definition of what success really means to you, it may be challenging for you to FEEL successful in your work or daily goal setting. 

This month, take time to explore and write out what success looks like and feels like for you.  

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As always… Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Seek out those who have “Been there, done that.” with the same goals you want to accomplish. 

I know you can create a fabulous year and it all starts with you and your commitment to you and your future! :D 

I’ve created several tools to help you stay on track with your goals this year: 

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