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Think about this for a moment… 

If your life was frozen in time,
& Stay this way forever,
would you be happy? 

Most people’s answer to this question is… 

“Oh Hell No! If my life stayed the same, I would be miserable!

As a Certified Spiritual Teacher, Coach, USMC Veteran & Bullsh*t Eliminator, I work with high achieving women 1:1 teaching them ways to eliminate the BS from their lives!

This BS is truly keeping them (You) from living your best life and from truly being happy.

My goal is to give you tools you can use immediately to Simplify Your Life so you can begin to create a life you Love!

In This Program we work on your… 

Fear, Overwhelm, Decision Making
& Self-Sabotage

What I hear most from woman who want to work with me is this… 

“My Life looks great from the outside; a great job,
family and relationship.  But inside I feel…”

 … from “Source Energy” & crave a Spiritual connection.
… because everything I try doesn’t create the change I want.
… about my intuition & how to use it every day.
… of feeling like I’m spinning my wheels & getting no where.
… because decisions I need to make bring me to a place of fear & in action.
… and are ready for a miracle to help pull me UP from this rut I’m in.
I Hear You & I Understand Your
Frustration & Pain

Because this was me for a very long time! 

My first intuitive hit was at 12 with the Prophetic insight of my Moms death. Fast forward to age 26 when I had another insight of a child dying but didn’t put the intuitive pieces together.  A few days later was told my friend was shot, her son was murdered & her shooter committed suicide. 

Feeling like I was responsible for her sons death, overwhelmed with grief, & quite frankly pissed off at “God” & the rest of the “Peeps” that were up there…  I told my “Peeps” I was going to shut off my intuition!

And I did!

My life turned into an absolute train wreck.

From early 2001-2003 I had:

  • Gotten a divorce
  • Lost my sense of self & self-worth
  • Hit the Co-Dependency circuit HARD
  • Ended up having an affair with a close friends husband
  • Moved across several states
  • Got married
  • Got hired
  • Got divorced (after 4 months)
  • Got laid off (after 9 months)
  • Felt lost, alone and desperate for change…

OnFLOWERce all this transpired I was done.

I was tired of pushing, running and trying to do “life” on my own.  Life was so incredibly messy and chaotic.  

Feeling frustrated, tired & confused I gave everything I owned away, packed up what little I had left & moved to South Africa with my two young boys.

After 3 months in SA, my life was just as messy & chaotic as it what in America. I realized that I was trying to run away from myself.  

I was sad, lonely, confused, frustrated & felt more disconnected than every before. I felt utterly hopeless & helpless & knew something needed to change. 

I realized for the last three years I was so focused on the negative side of life that I couldn’t see what was right before me.

Looking up to the sky I asked My “Peeps” (God & my Guardians) to come back and guide me in life. I would no longer ignore my intuition.  Then I asked for one favor from them… That they give me daily guidance in a way that I could recognize it easily.  But only give me the Next Step.

Just one step.

I also asked them to teach me how to empower others to embrace their power so they would never feel hopeless or helpless like I had that day when I found out about the shooting.  I wanted to help people Simplify their life and clear out the Bullsh*t! 

Soon after that day I moved back to the US and started to take personal responsibility for my life and own my Happiness!  I de-cluttered my life one step at a time, went to college, started my own business and haven’t looked back since.

I earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Business with a double minor in Management & Marketing from Oklahoma State University. Then went on and earned my Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling Certification.

Called to take action, I started teaching women how to get rid of the Bullsh*t & finally feel true happiness.

I’ve learned a New Way of Being! 
You Can Too.  
Imagine that You…
  • Have Clear Understanding about What you REALLY
  • Aren’t Afraid to Speak Your Mind and your Truth
  • Embody the Confidence to make Clear Decisions 
  • Know how to Naturally Simplify & Declutter your Life
  • Feel more Connected to Source Energy
  • Know a Huge Sense of Calm in your Life
  • Are Finally Happy for the first time in a Very Long Time!
 I am Here to Help you Create Lasting Change in Your Life!
  • To get rid of the Bullsh*t in your life
  • Clear away the Confusion, Frustration & Chaos
  • Help you make sense of your Intuition
  • Show you how to Master manifesting what you truly want
  • How to become Truly and Deeply Happy

Plus: I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Who I Coach?
Women who are ready for Change & Who are willing in invest in her Future!

What You’ll Experience

  • Learn my Powerful method of Clearing out the Bullsh*t FAST
  • Uncover Your Biggest Blocks to Success & Happiness
  • Reduce Daily Stressors
  • Gain the Courage & Confidence you’ve been lacking in the past
  • Get Lasered in on your True Priorities & Values
  • Learn practical tools to help clear about Doubt, Overwhelm & Fear
  • Have 1:1 Support with me by your side every step of the way
  • Discover Simplification tools that you will use for the rest of your life

What You Get

  • Unlimited Private Access with me for 12 Full months
    • 24/7 Access to me and my resources
    • Unlimited Phone calls
    • Unlimited Email access
    • Unlimited Text Messaging access
    • Unlimited Facebook Messenger access
  • Full Access to the FloraSage Institute – Giving you access to:
    • Over 1000+ hours of personal & business development programs
    • Eight live calls / trainings each month
    • Access to any new classes or programs I create during our time together
  • PLUS
    • Two regularly scheduled private laser coaching calls each month
  • Investment
    • One time payment of $11K
    • Or $1000 per month for one year

Client Love

“I want to Thank you for your No Bullshit style of coaching. During our first session you told me “I get paid to be honest & get you results!” I didn’t realize what I was getting into.   :D
My whole life has changed because of the work we’ve done together. I feel more confident in my life and business, my relationships are richer and my intuition is now stronger than ever! You really are a Simplification Ninja!”

 Denise Neal


 April Willger


My life has changed immensely and for for the better!! I am more confident in who I am as a person and as a healer. My mindset is more positive and I’ve learned more about myself and my life in 5 months than I ever have before. I’m more empowered and accountable in my actions. Not only that but it’s been fun.😁Flora is a f*cking BOSS!!!!”

Flora Sage is amazing! During our session, Flora held such open and safe space for me to dive very deep into what was holding me back and find blocks I have in my business and life. She asked questions that made me think and search deep within myself to figure out why I was holding myself back. She is encouraging and kind, while at the same time getting me to shift out of my BS stories that are holding me back! Thank you Flora for shifting me past my block so fast, it’s unbelievable to feel such a fast shift in my mindset!

 Melissa Jaske


 tiffany Spoehr


“Flora is an amazing life coach! She has a gift of getting to the source of issues very quickly and easily. She called me on an issue which was brilliant as it shifted my mindset and cleared the block I was having. This then enabled me to see the situation in a totally clear space and allowed me to come up with a strategy to move forward. Thank you for providing the space and expertise to allow me to really put positive change in my life!

Worth Every Penny! I have done two VIP day’s with Flora for both Personal and Business as well as a Full coaching programs with her. All I have to say is WOW!

Flora uncovered so much of what was holding me back and gave me a clear plan of action to get what I want. She taught me HOW to take action to see results in my life and business. She also taught me how to identify and clear the Bullsh*t so I can stay focused on what I want.

Because of our sessions I was able to leave the corporate world and pursue my dream career of helping others through business coaching and mentoring. Each session has SO many Golden Nuggets of useful information.”

 Susan Hilton


 Heather M.


“I was Flora’s first client way back in 1997. She was the first woman I connected with on a professional and then personal basis. Because of her positive aura and straightforward advice, I survived that crazy time in my life. She has a personality and energy that is addictive to work with! Flora was, for many years, the first persona I talked to at the beginning of my day. Much Love for her and her work.
“Working with Flora has changed my life in so many ways it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few! Most importantly, she taught me that I have the power to create any kind of life that I desire and that Spirit is always waiting to help with this.  She also taught me that life and spirituality are meant to be fun and enjoyed.  Working with her also gave me the confidence to believe in myself in all aspects of my life.

 Kelly Madsen


 Marie McMullen, LBT


I cannot even begin to tell you about the Transformations. Flora is laser focused on giving you NO B.S. insight into your pressing (albeit maybe not vocalized) issues.  She’s a friendly, empathetic voice that what you are really trying to say.  She REALLY “Simplified My Life.” by helping me clear out my emotional clutter & helped me finally see, for the first time, My Potential! My Business, My Future, My Happiness. 

Flora has taken my hand and walked me through some of the hardest decisions in my life.  Mountains have moved in my life with Flora helping me push them all the way. It truly is an investment in Simplifying your life & Clearing the BS!

Flora is an amazing Coach & mentor. She quickly focuses in on the key areas of concern both in my life & business. Flora provides practical exercises that help to solidify our sessions.
Since working with Flora, I have gained clarity across different areas of my life, learned tools and techniques to work through a number of fears & gained confidence.

Lisa Glanzel


 Charlie Nichols


I’ve worked with Flora as my coach for over three years. The dynamic nature of Flora is mesmerizing; she’s able to retain her spirituality & heart-centeredness while simultaneously being a kickass & powerhouse coach & business woman. Flora is honest, blunt & will kick you into shape. She is assertive without being intimidating but she is not the coaching of those who lack personal accountability.
Flora’s courses & mentorships are life-changing. I owe a lot of my businesses success & thriving spiritual practice to what I have learned through her one-on-one coaching. 
Coaching with Flora has turned my life right side up.  She can shine a light on what needs to change and provide support and encouragement the whole way! My life looks completely different now than when we started working together! (In a Good Way!)”

 Betty T.


 Heather Ryno


Working with Flora the last two years had been absolutely the best investment I have ever made in myself. This has been a very profound experience. Working with Flora has helped me uncover come of my natural and hidden talents.

She has helped lead me on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and realize my own life’s purpose and start a journey towards these goals.  I cannot thank Flora enough and because of her invaluable information and guidance I am taking detailed action and can see positive changes.  This has created more enthusiasm to forge ahead. My dreams are manifesting and that is exciting.”


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