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As a Certified Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Intuition Expert, I work with Women 1:1 teaching them ways to Simplify their life and create the life they love. The Program is where we work on… 

Fear, Overwhelm, Decision Making & Self-Sabotage

What I hear most from woman who work with me: Their life looks great from the outside; a great job, family and relationship.  But inside they feel…

 … from “Source Energy” & craves a Spiritual connection.
… because everything they try doesn’t create change.
… about intuition & how to use it.
… of feeling like they’re spinning their wheels & getting no where.
… because decisions making brings on fear & inaction.
… and are ready for a miracle to help pull them UP from this rut they’re in.

Because this was me for a very long time! 


My first intuitive hit was at 12 with the Prophetic insight of my Moms death. Fast forward to age 26 when I had another insight of a child dying but didn’t put the intuitive pieces together.  A few days later was told my friend was shot, her son was murdered & her shooter committed suicide. 

Feeling like I was responsible for her sons death, overwhelmed with grief, & quite frankly pissed off at “God” & the rest of the “Peeps” that were up there…  I told my “Peeps” I was going to shut off my intuition!


And I did!


For almost three years I ignored my intuition. During that time my life was a train wreck! I had an affair with a married man, moved across the country, got married (not to him) & divorced, got hired & laid off.



Feeling frustrated, tired & confused I gave everything I owned away, packed up what little I had left & moved to South Africa with my two young boys.

After 3 months in SA, my life was just as messy & chaotic as it what in America. I realized that I was trying to run away from myself.  

I was sad, lonely, confused, frustrated & felt more disconnected than every before. I felt utterly hopeless & helpless & knew something needed to change. 

One gloomy, cloudy day at the beach with my kids I looked up to the sky and said…


“Peeps please come back. I can’t do this on my own. Please teach me how to use my Intuition & how to help others use it too.  Help me Simplify my life & guide me to help others so they will never feel as hopeless or  helpless as I have felt.”

From there I moved back home & haven’t stopped asking for help.
Since then… 
I’ve learned a New Way of Being! 
This is possible for you to learn this too.  Imagine that you have…
  • A Clear Understanding about Your Intuition
  • The Confidence to make Clear Decisions 
  • Know how to Naturally Simplify & Declutter your Life
  • Feel more Connected to Source Energy
  • A Sense of Calm in your Life
I am Here to Help you Create Lasting Change in Your Life!
  • To Simplify the Bullshit.
  • Clear away the Confusion, Frustration & Chaos.
  • Make sense of your Intuition.
  • I’ll Hold your hand every step of the way.


Who I Coach?
Women who are ready for Change
1Why I Coach?
As you read in my story above, it is my mission to help you learn to your use internal gps (your intuition) to help you thrive in life. So you can make better choices quicker, with more confidence.  

What You’ll Experience

  • Uncover Your Biggest Blocks to Success & Happiness
  • Reduce Daily Stressors
  • Gain the Courage & Confidence you’ve been lacking in the past
  • Get Lasered in on your True Priorities & Values
  • Learn practical tools to help clear about Doubt, Overwhelm & Fear
  • Have 1:1 Support with me by your side every step of the way
  • Discover Simplification tools that you will use for the rest of your life1

How Can I Start?

Private Coaching with me is by application only.

Click HERE to fill out your coaching application! 

Say What?

I want to Thank you for your No Bullshit style of coaching. During our first session you told me “I get paid to be honest & get you results!” I didn’t realize what I was getting into.   :D

My whole life has changed because of the work we’ve done together. I feel more confident in my life and business, my relationships are richer and my intuition is now stronger than ever! You really are a Simplification Ninja!”   Denise Neal







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