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Welcome to the Start Here Page!  

It’s my mission to help you learn how to Manifest and create the life of your dreams through the use of your intuition and conscious planning.  

My name is Flora Sage, and I’m a Six-time Author, Spiritual Teacher, Intuition Expert, Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Mom of two fabulous boys, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and lover of unlatching knee high socks! (Read Full Bio HERE) I started my business in 1997 to help people declutter their messy lives, so they could finally have a life that was fun and fulfilling. Over time my mission hasn’t changed but the way I share it with the world has. 

I teach three main topics.  Intuition, Manifesting and Planning. 

The result? 

Life Simplified + Manifesting Your Dreams = Epic Life

When you get in touch with your intuition, life gets simple. Then, you can begin to clear out the clutter that holds you back from manifesting the life you really want.  Take that and blend it with a clear plan of action and BAM!

You’ve got Magic!!! 

Below are some Free Resources to help you…

Begin to Unlock & Master Your Intuition

Planning Tips to Keep You on Track


Learn the Laws of Manifesting to Get Whatever You Desire

Intuition Resources for you

No matter what your profession, your intuition is your most valuable asset.

Psychic development unlocks your true potential, so your whole life will benefit. 

My most popular blog posts about intuition
& how to unlock it. 

Your Psychic “On” Switch

How to Trust Your Gut

Ego vs Spirit – How to tell the difference

How Clutter Blocks Intuition: Part 1

How Clutter Blocks Intuition: Part 2

Meditation and Intuition

Free Gift – How to make Better Decisions in 4 Steps

Learn how to use your intuition at the level of a Professional Psychic.  Certification and Non-Certification options available.

Manifesting Resources

Using these tips, I’ve manifested three houses, several cars, a boat, full college scholarship, lawn mower, all expense paid trips, cash money and so much more. 

Here are my most popular manifesting blogs to help you jumpstart your manifesting efforts. 

How to Manifest Fast – Little known secret to getting what you want

Manifesting Loop Hole – the “Who, What, Where, When, Why & How” of manifesting

Mastering the Law of Attraction!

Four Steps to Begin Manifesting

Free Manifesting Class – Click HERE to Watch for FREE

Free Class – Teaching you how to master the 11 Spiritual Laws that influence and govern manifestation.

Planning Resources

Giving you Simple Solutions to your Biggest Planning Questions & Hang-ups.

My most popular blog posts about planning
& staying focused. 

5 Steps to Start Fresh in 2017

*Monthly Planning Tips*

Less Is More

Staying Focused

Keeping Up the Momentum

Quarter 1 Review – What REALLY IS Success? 

More planning tips coming each month…. 

Get monthly support for your vision and your goals so you can focused and become wildly successful in your life and biz!  Live calls and interviews support you every week during the month, + you’ll get downloadable goals tracking sheets!

Step 1: Start your Journey to Deciding what you want

Every week I send an email to my subscribers that has a blog post, video, or monthly planning tip that I know you’ll love and find useful. PLUS you’ll get my FREE FOUR STEPS TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS download.

Click HERE to grab your FREE Gift and subscribe to my weekly newsletters. 

Step 2: Connect with me

Connect with me daily in my Free Facebook group where you’ll get daily support for the new life you are manifesting. 

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Private Coaching Programs & Sessions

Book your private phone session with Flora today. 

Private phone sessions include a combination of personal and spiritual coaching, intuitive guidance and will give you a clear direction to move forward in your life and business.

This is perfect for someone who may not want a full Coaching Program. 

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