Learn how to use your Intuition at the Level of a Professional Psychic
*Certification Optional 

  • Quickly bring out your natural Psychic abilities.  
  • Activate, Awaken & Amplify Your Abilities .
  • Become a Confident Using Your Intuition. 
  • Learn at the Level of a Professional.

Stop Guessing & Start Knowing! 

  • Have you struggled for years trying to make sense of your Intuition?
  • Are you confused about what Intuition REALLY is & what it isn’t?
  • Tired of not being able to make sense of it all?

I hear you! 

You are not alone!

I was there once too! 

In 1987 I discovered my intuition only to flounder with it for years!!

Until I discovered the secret to unlocking and activating Intuition at a high level.

I’m here to teach you how to Unlock, Activate and Super Charge your Intuition Quickly & Easily. 

Are you Ready to: 

  • Learn Simple Techniques to Activate Your Intuition with the Flip of a Switch?
  • Trust what you get on a daily basis from Spirit?
  • Improve Relationships in an Easy way?
  • Make Better Decisions Faster with More Accuracy that Benefit Your Life?
  • Clear the Chaos from your Life?
  • Learn how to use your Intuition at a Professional Level?
  • Create a Thriving Spiritual Business & Life?

If so… Then Keep Reading… 

How This Program Stands Out From The Rest!

This is the most compressive Psychic Training Program out on the Market today. Often imitated but never replicated.  

The FloraSage Therapies Institute was the FIRST Psychic Certification program to teach Ethics to it’s students.

Other programs have you learn “their” system.  But I teach you how to easily discover your Own Natural Reading Style by exploring many different divination methods and the “Framework” for a professional psychic reading.

Parents who are enrolled can bring their minor children through this program with them for free. 

I guarantee you will discover your reading style easily and have loads of fun doing it.

What’s Inside the Program

Module 1

  • Welcome & Program Overview

  • Ethics Training for Professional Psychics

  • Activate Your Intuition through Meditation & Breath

  • Opening Your Psychic Gateway

Module 2

  • Difference between Ego and Spirit

  • Imagination vs Intuition

  • Training the Ego to Be Quite

  • Activating Your Psychic “On” Switch

  • Learning the “Clairs”

  • Experience Two Guided Meditations

Module 3

  • Clearing Your Energy Field to Unlock Your Intuition 

  • Building Your Psychic Rolodex 

  • Psychic Protection

  • Regulating Your Psychic Gateway to Receive the Right Amount of Energy for You

  • Nutrition to Enhance Intuition 

Module 4

  • Advanced Psychic Activation Methods 

  • Why we Ignore the Obvious Signs from Spirit

  • Creating a Daily Psychic Activation Routine to Increase Your Psychic Abilities

  • Spirit Guides Meet & Greet

  • Gaining Enhanced Psychic / Spirit Visions

Module 5

  • Advanced Energy Clearing Methods 

  • The Chakras & Intuition 

  • Learn How to Clear & Balance the Chakras Through a Guided Meditation

  • Clearing Emotional & Intellectual Blocks for Greater Psychic Abilities Through a Guided Meditation

  • Clearing Physical Space for Greater Abilities 

  • How to Remain Neutral During a Reading 

Module 6

  • Advanced Sacred Space Creation Techniques

  • Exploring Divination Tools – Cards, Ribbons, Pendulums, Crystals/Stones, Runes, Coffee Grounds, Tea Leaves, Objects & much more

  • Building & Enhancing Your Psychic Toolbox

  • Learn How to Read Energy Streams

  • Practice Psychic Readings

Module 7

  • Mediumship vs Psychic Abilities – What’s the Difference?

  • Beginner Mediumship Training  

  • Building Your Mediumship Rolodex

Module 8

  • Advanced Mediumship Training

  • Mediumship Roadmap 

  • Mediumship & the “Clairs”

  • Signs Loved Ones are Near

  • Practice Mediumship Readings

* Certification Track Students Only

Module 9

  • Professional, Formal, & Amateur Readings… What’s the Difference? 

  • Refining Your Reading Style to Instantly Connect with Your Client Quickly

  • Interpreting What You Get With a Client – “Is it Accurate?”

  • Boundaries & Professional Psychic Readings

  • Working with Clients as a Professional Psychic

  • When Readings Go Bad

  • Tips from a Seasoned Psychic (What NOT to do)

Module 10

  • Business Building Module

  • How to Create a Thriving & Profitable Psychic Business

  • Setting up Your Business the Right Way

  • State & Federal Laws Regarding Readers

  • Setting up Your Website & Social Media

  • Deciding What to Offer Clients

  • Standing Out as a Professional Reader

  • Events, Group Reading & Parties – The Pro’s & Con’s

  • Continuing Education for the Professional Ethical Psychic – What you should know

* Certification Track Students Only

* Certification Track Students Only


  • Attend All Class Segments

  • Submit Required Documents

  • Submit all Homework

  • Submit Documentation of Practice Readings

  • Conduct One 30 min Reading for Flora

  • Conduct up to three Readings for a Client as Flora Monitors

  • Submit Interview with Headshot


  • Private Program Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access to Program

  • Meditation 101 Class – 2 parts

  • Your Sacred Sanctuary Meditation Album

  • How to Create an Oracle Card Deck
    *Certified Students Only

How This Program Is Delivered

  • Tele-phone & Webcast

  • Recordings of Classes Available Immediately after Live Call

  • Supplemental Classes, Handouts & Programs Delivered via PDF & Streaming

  • Must Have Email & Internet Access for Program

Who This Program is For!

  • Want to Deepen Your Natural Psychic Abilities
  • Use what you learn to Enhance your life and Business
  • Have a Desire to become a *Professional as a Psychic Reader and Coach
  • Are Willing to do the work and Build a Sustainable Foundation for Your Professional Practice 
  • Feel Called to Step Up and Be a Leader in this Field

*Certification is optional 

What the Program Includes

  • 10 Dynamic Audio Lessons with LIVE Q&A

  • Over 30 hours of Training & Content

  • Learn Real World Reading Techniques for Successful Readings Every Time 

  • Engage in Weekly Exercises to Activate, Awaken & Amplify Your Intuition Quickly 

  • Supplemental Classes, Handouts & Programs Delivered via PDF & Streaming

  • Lifetime Access

  • Private Facebook Group

  • LIVE Office Hours Call with Flora Twice Monthly for Your Ongoing Support

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Intuition?

Upcoming Enrollment Dates

February 15 – 28th, 2018

Get on the wait list now! Sign up below! 

*By enrolling in the program you acknowledge that you Agree to the FSTI Policies & Procedures.

*Parents who enroll can bring their minor children through the program at no charge. 

Student Testimonials!


“This course is FUN!  Homework emails are not answered by an office team, they are reviewed by HER. I went into this class with low confidence in professionally reading for others. This class has changed Everything changed for me. If this course has caught your eye? Look no further. It ROCKS and so does the teacher. I look forward to taking her Coach Training Program next.”

Denise Neal – SC

“Flora’s Level 1 course is packed with so much valuable information.  She really built up my confidence and taught me how to make this a thriving business that’s ethical and beautiful.  I’d recommend this course to anyone and would only advise them to be ready for some big aha moments and some incredible breakthroughs!

Ethan Beauchamp ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic



“I am so grateful to have found the Flora Sage Institute. Flora is one of the best teachers around. Flora is so REAL!  She walks you through everything completely and guides you every step of the way. I would highly recommend this program to everyone! 5 stars!”

Karen McBride – Certified Professional Ethical Psychic & 2014 Recipient of the David Yohn Memorial Scholarship


Loved this class. I have taken other certifications and this one had a lot more detail. I loved how you taught us to be in your own energy, clear ego, learn all the different types of divination, and the difference between mediumship and being psychic. I love the new awareness. Thanks Flora”

Julie Lynn Joyce ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic & Health Coach



“I have been in school for 20 years now. I have a learned so much during this time and I’ve even earned a doctorate degree. This course and working with Flora, however, has been my absolute favorite. Learning this type of work~Spiriual work~takes your life to a whole new level. When you finish the course, you will be able to help people on a soul level. You can’t learn that at a traditional school. Flora Sage, hands down, is the best teacher and mentor that you will find in this field. She is the real deal.”

Sandra K. Graff ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic




“If you are even the slightest bit curious about this class, DO IT!! It will bring changes and enhance your life in ways you can’t even imagine!  It’s like being blind and then waking up one day and being able to see the world as it truly is for the first time!

Kelly Brown Madsen ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic



lisa-glanzelThe classes are fun, informative and the exercises bring the details together.  The confidence, growth and lessons learned are amazing. I can truly say that this course was life changing.  I am so grateful to have found this program.  Flora is an amazing teacher and mentor. She was  available when additional support and clarification was needed.   The pre-recorded classes were fun, packed full of information, life experiences and exercises, that have increased my confidence and provided the knowledge to take forward to my own practice. 

Lisa Glanzel ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic & Crystal Healer



“If you are interested in taking the Level 1 certification course, DO IT! I highly recommend it!  Thank you so, so much Flora for the opportunity to grow in this facet of my Purpose!  I cannot thank you enough!  And to all the other future Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultants out there: Good Luck!!  It’s a wonderful journey!

Charlie Nichols ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic & Spiritual Empowerment Coach


BrookeDedmon“If you are looking for major growth and you are willing to do the work. You are ready, do this for yourself.  Flora holds her students to high standards. As she should, the energy she gives to each student and every class should be returned with hard work and dedication.  What you receive from this course will be so much more than you could possibly fathom. It is much more than just developing your intuition and becoming a reader. The exponential growth you will receive by doing the work, is invaluable. She is ethical, empowering, and genuine. If you are ready to step into your power, grow, and live your truth. Then sign up, join me and the other alumni in the Inner Circle and on Facebook. Grab a notebook, pen, and journal and get ready to amaze yourself! The possibilities are endless!

I received more support than I ever thought possible. I plan on being a student of FloraSage Therapies for at least another year or two.  I am honored to be associated with such an amazing spiritual thinker/leader. I believe so strongly in Flora and what she teaches I will gladly discuss this course and the others I will be taking. She is the real deal. I know some folks have been burned by readers and coaches. I can promise you, this is legit.  Flora gives so much of herself to us, her students. If you join this class I hope to be seeing you around The Inner Circle and our wonderful Facebook group soon! ”

Brooke Dedmon ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic


“I have been gifted as a psychic since a young age. I have always known that I am here to assist others. This matured into my career path as a Spiritual Counselor and a Transpersonal Therapist.  I wanted the official certification, as I have been doing readings for years without being officially certified. I also felt it important to support Flora and her business, as I think it is marvelous.  One of powerful changes I saw because of this course was the focus of establishing my own business and finally making it happen more “officially” website etc. As I have done my business for years by word of mouth, and I want to take it to another level.  I am so grateful that she offered this course and that she was willing to support the students who are certified through her! Fabulous!  I hope to take the Spiritual Empowerment Coaching course next time around. Much Love to you Flora!!”

Mary Bear-Rittenmeyer ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic



“A deeply respected mentor and teacher of mine pulled me aside after an intuition workshop she offered and voiced her recognition of my talent and gifts. She encouraged me to pursue cultivating them more formerly.   In response to her affirmation I realized becoming a Certified Ethical Intuitive Consultant would offer the perfect medium in which to offer my gifts. So I signed up for Flora’s Class. My favorite part of the Certification Process was being a part of other people’s readings and seeing how different all our gifts are. It allowed me to accept how unique what I have to offer is and finally let go of comparison. I highly recommend this course for anyone who would like to become more in touch with their own connection to Source and the guidance ever present to them.  As well as for those interested in taking the first steps toward sharing their gift with others in a professional setting.”

April Noriega ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic



“I’ve always loved reading cards but I was always doing it from a very lineral left brained perspective. I was interested in taking this certification course to further explore my intuition and to gain insight from someone who is well versed in intuitive readings.  I have released HUGE ego blocks. Telling myself I wasn’t psychic, even though I was receiving multiple intuitive hits every single day. I would just write them off as strange coincidence or lucky guesses.  My advice would be, to anyone reading this…If you’re really serious about becoming a reader and/or you just want to get more in touch with your intuition, GO FOR IT! I was unsure before I signed up for this course, but something just told me to go for it. I wouldn’t take this experience back for the world. I’m so glad I took this course. And I know you will be too.  I just really appreciate this experience! Flora is an amazing teacher. The friends I’ve made in the class are such beautiful. I’m so grateful to have lined up with such an amazing experience <3”

Sarah Wood ~ Certified Professional Ethical Psychic

Learn From an Expert in the Field!

Learn from Internationally Acclimated Spiritual Coach & Intuition Expert, Flora Sage, who has been described as a “Spiritual Maverick” and a Pioneer in teaching Ethics in the Psychic Arts.  

Opening the doors to this program in early 2010, this program sells out every time with people who want to master their intuition once and for all.

Read her complete story below and listen to why she is so passionate about Intuition and how to use it to Intuitively Manifest the Life of your dreams.

Flora Sage
Spiritual & Biz Coach, Intuition Expert, Six-time Author, & USMC Veteran 

Why I Teach this Program

It is my mission to help everyone who comes in contact with my work, learn how to use their intuition.


Frankly, Because life sucks when you don’t know how to use it! 

I believe our Intuition is our our Sixth Sense, our God given gift, to use on a daily basis.

But many of us don’t grow up in households that teach us how to use it to make everyday choices and to help us in our life.

Instead we’re taught to use with our head (not our heart or intuition)!

So why is this Bad?

Because it doing this we end up:

  • In Jobs we hate
  • Relationships that are unhealthy
  • Living a Life that is not our own
  • and Wishing there was a better way to be….


Let me share with you my Raw & Intimate Story that brought me to my knees…


My first intuitive hit was at 12 with the Prophetic insight of my Moms death. Fast forward to age 26 when I had another insight of a child dying but didn’t put the intuitive pieces together.  A few days later was told my friend was shot, her son was murdered & her shooter committed suicide. 

Feeling like I was responsible for her sons death, overwhelmed with grief, & quite frankly pissed off at “God” & the rest of the “Peeps” that were up there…  I told my “Peeps” I was going to shut off my intuition!

And I did!

 For almost three years I ignored my intuition. During that time my life was a train wreck! I had an affair with a married man, moved across the country, got married (not to him) & divorced, got hired & laid off.


Feeling frustrated, tired & confused I gave everything I owned away, packed up what little I had left & moved to South Africa with my two young boys.

After 3 months in SA, my life was just as messy & chaotic as it what in America. I realized that I was trying to run away from myself.  

I was sad, lonely, confused, frustrated & felt more disconnected than every before. I felt utterly hopeless & helpless & knew something needed to change. 

One gloomy, cloudy day at the beach with my kids I looked up to the sky and said…

“Peeps please come back. I can’t do this on my own. Please teach me how to use my Intuition & how to help others use it too.  Help me Simplify my life & guide me to help others so they will never feel as hopeless or  helpless as I have felt.”

From there I moved back home & haven’t stopped asking for help. After several months of working with the Law of Attraction, I was awarded a full scholarship to attend college to begin my transformation.  
I went on to earn my Bachelors degree, Life Coaching Certificate & Became a Certified Psychic. 

Psychic Road Block

After spending thousands of dollars to become a certified psychic I was feeling frustrated because the programs I attended didn’t teach the WHOLE process.

They Didn’t teach:

  • Ethics (This is huge for me … No teacher that I encountered taught Ethics)
  • Boundaries for a Reader
  • Real World Application
  • Give Real World Practice
  • Sound Business Guidance to get started as a Reader
  • Honest Feedback about Progress


After a few years of giving thousands of readings & teaching hundreds of people to unlock there intuition, I created a program that was fun, easy & natural! 

Let me teach you how to unlock your Intuition so you can become a certified reader in only a few short months. 

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Intuition?

Upcoming Enrollment Dates

February 15 – 28th, 2018

Get on the wait list now! Sign up below! 

*By enrolling in the program you acknowledge that you Agree to the FSTI Policies & Procedures.

*Parents who enroll can bring their minor children through the program at no charge. 

What More People are Saying about this Course

“Thank you so much for having this class Flora! This has been truly life changing! I really want to take your level 2 class! Though hearing what it intales I think it’s REALLY going to take me out of my comfort zone. But that’s a good thing. So I will be looking forward to that :) I really appreciate you. I’m so grateful that we crossed paths I cant even explain to you how significantly the information you have provided has changed my life. You are a truly beautiful being and I’m just so thankful for this experience. I’m really looking forward to more classes with you in the future” ~ Michelle


“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your class.  It was absolutely amazing and confidence-building I would love to take another class from you someday, possibly the Year and a Yay! class.  Thank you so much for everything!” ~ Jessika S.


“Thank you so very much for this opportunity! It has been a tremendous three months of personal growth and discovery!” ~ Carolyn


“Flora’s Intuitive Certification is amazing! I learned so much in this class, expanded past my perceived boundaries, and grew into a confident reader for not just myself but others as well. Flora is very knowledgeable in the process of expanding your intuition so that you can better get accurate information, I have taken other  intuition building courses and read psychic ability books but I learned so much from Flora! I highly recommend this course to everyone! ” ~ Katie


“Flora’s Developing Your Intuition Certification Course is the perfect way to develop your intuition in the comfort of your own home at your own convenience.  The course offers everything you need to awaken or sharpen your intuition whether your goal is to improve your own personal life or to help to others improve theirs.  She does this through fun exercises, activities and meditations and gives you everything you need to fully develop the intuitive skills you were born with.  She also shares with you everything you will need should you choose to use your newly developed skills to open your own business.   Her bubbly, conversational teaching style makes the course fun as well as instructional.   If you have been considering taking a course like this, choose Flora’s.  I promise you, you won’t be sorry!”  

~ K. Madsen

“Being part of Flora’s Developing Your Intuition Mentoring Program was amazing!! Each class was packed full of useful and valuable information, not to mention the wonderful exercises and meditations we did during class. The homework provided me with some fantastic insights and also gave me tools I know I’ll be using the rest of my life. We learned SO much in these classes – everything from meeting and talking with our spirit guides, to hands-on experience using various reading techniques, to ethical practices of doing this work… and so much more! Taking these classes has been an invaluable experience for me.” ~Gin


“This was a great class and I have learned so many tools that continue to help me on my journey and work!! Thank you Flora!!” ~Catherine


“I cannot say how grateful I am to have found this class. It has helped me in my understanding of what is happening in my life and how some of my blocks are affecting me. This class has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and be a better resource for those I help. It also showed me new ways that I can ethically help others. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in expanding their natural gifts.” ~ Sarah

FloraSage Therapies Institute and its Certification Programs are
Accredited by The World Metaphysical Association