Why Cord Cutting is Dangerous

Energy cords are just like a root, if you cut off the top, the root is still there.

The energy cord will grow back stronger than ever before.

When you cut a cord to a person, situation or event the situation will temporarily be alleviated until the cord grows back, only to begin causing problems in your life again. 

So what should you do instead?

Simply remove the cord.

Let me explain how I discovered the dangers of cord cutting.  Then I’ll explain the step-by-step process of removing them. 

For over a decade ago, cord removal has been a passion of mine. It all started when I was in a very small Shamanic Training Program taught by a local Shaman.

During one of the classes we were to conduct a cord cutting exercise with the members of the group; meaning to literally “cut off the energy cord” from our energy field and a person, place, thing or event in our life or past lives.

When the mentor explained the exercise, I intuitively knew that cutting was not a good idea, because the cord would grow back even stronger than before. Cords are attached within our body and extend outwardly towards a person, place or thing.

“When we cut the cord it is like cutting off a weed at the surface of the ground, the root is still there. Won’t it grow back stronger?” I asked her about my concern, she said, “No they won’t.”

Intuitively I was getting that they will and they would. I went through the exercise to complete the class and training; but did not resonate with that method of cord removal.

When I got home that evening, I felt horrible. I asked my guides to tell me what to do to feel better. They told me to take an Epsom salt and lavender essential oil bath.

During my bath I closed my eyes and looked at my energy field, physical body, and the luminous body (the blue print for our body). I noticed all these “Roots” or Cords, that were attached to my body. I was guided to, very gently, pull them out one by one by wiggling them out; I did this for every cord that was “cut off” of me that evening. I was then guided to complete the process as shown to me by my guides; more about the step-by-step later.

Over the next week I was given aftercare instructions to write down each day. These were things that would help me recover from the Energetic, Cord Removal surgery.

What you are reading today is a result of many years of experience, tweaked for more than a decade to fine-tune the process. As with all my teachings, what works for me may not work or resonate for you.

So take this step-by-step as a guide for your own personal energy work.

This brings me to a HOT TOPIC in the field of Energy Work. Ethics in Healing!

Those of you who have attended my Professional Ethical Psychic Level 1 program or my Certified Spiritual Empowerment Coach Training know how I feel about doing Energy Work on someone without their permission!

In my opinion it is the Absolute Most Unethical thing you can do. (Besides giving someone an unsolicited reading or coaching.)

Energy work is a very personal thing, as it should be. “Getting” that you “Need to do a little bit of energy work on someone” because you feel they would benefit from it, is like playing God. (In my opinion.)  

Yes we all have free will and we can choose to accept or decline energies that come to us (whether asked for or not) but the simple fact of sending “Healing” to anyone without their permission is grounds for a heavy reprimand. This is one thing I really like to get on my soap-box about.

We are in charge of our own energy! Period!

If I am hurting, in pain, etc… it is my responsibility to do my own energy work. Or find someone who can assist me in doing it. Or I can choose not to. That too is my prerogative.

“Doing a little bit of energy work” is like being “a little bit pregnant.” There is no gray area.

I once had a student send me Reiki energy because of a post on Facebook. She said, “It felt to me like your energy was off and that you needed healing. So I sent you some Reiki last night. Hope you don’t mind.”

Needless to say, I was very upset with the student.

I firmly, yet tactfully said. “Yes I do mind, I find it very unethical that you did energy work on me without asking my permission first. Didn’t your Reiki instructor tell you to get permission first?” There were a few emails that went back and forth about this topic and needless to say, she ended up dropping out of the program she was enrolled in at the FSTInstitute. She did mention that her Reiki teacher said it was okay to send anyone and everyone Reiki energy because it was source energy and could not harm anyone.

The night that she sent me energy, I was doing my own energy work with the “One Ascension” Energy. “One Ascension” energy has a very different energetic feel compared to Reiki. During my energy work session I notice a “Funky” energy coming in to my space. After a few moments I got frustrated and closed sacred space for the night. Then the next day, I found out that student had sent me energy.

We all get into an energetic funk at times, but it is up to us to fix it, heal it, work with it, etc…. If we don’t want to do the energy work ourselves, we hire someone to do it for us.

But never do energy work on someone without their permission.

Each of us learns, during this life, how much of a Contrast life in the physical body can be. Some days are fabulous, other days not so much.

When someone takes our work and does it for us it is robbing us of a vital experience.

What is ethical for you might not be ethical for someone else.

What is a healthy boundary for you might not be for someone else either.

Think about it.

With that said, let’s move on to “Why or when would someone do a cord removal?”.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and matter. When we experience life, we create energy cords that tie us, per se, to that person, place, thing or event.   When we move on from that experience, we still may have a varying degree of energy tethered to us from it. When that “Tie” or “Cord” begins to weigh us down energetically or causes some type dissonance in our life, then it’s usually time to release that cord. You will intuitively know when it’s time to do so.

Some examples of a great time to do this are usually after a:

  • Divorce
  • Death
  • Break-up
  • Legal endeavor that has finally come to a close
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Other type of accident
  • Fight or disagreement
  • Surgery
  • Challenging time in your life
  • Sickness
  • Etc…

Many times folks ask what tools are needed to do a Cord Removal and Light Body Illumination. You don’t need any tools; but you can have any sacred objects that you feel will aid in your personal energy work.

With all this said, let’s get to the step-by-step instructions.

*For the purposes of this blog, I have shorted the full process. (The full process is 15 steps)

Auric Cord Removal & Light Body Illumination – Step by Step ~ For Personal Energy Work

Step 1:  Before your session, ask your guides to begin to energetically prep the cords that are ready to come out. This is like watering a garden before pulling weeds; it preps the area around the cord to make removal easier.

Step 2: When you feel you have a good connection with source energy, allow your intuition to “See” the cords that are ready to come out. You may feel as if you are “making it up” or “imagining” the cords, allow yourself to trust what you get.

Step 3: Once all cords are located, begin to remove them one by one. Do this by gently holding each cord at the exit point (the place it exits the body) and begin to wiggle or loosen the cord. This will help to “ready” the cord and tiny hair like cords that are attached to it. Slowly pull the cord out; some cords will slip out, while others may need a bit of wiggling.

Step 4: Once all the cords are removed, begin to envision the empty spaces, where the cords were, filling up with a Healing Salve made up of Pure Source Energy. This will fill the empty spaces and repair anything that needs to be repaired from the presence of the cord in the physical body and energetic bodies.

Step 5: When all spaces are filled with the Healing Salve, envision your body lighting up with source energy. Hold this vision until you feel you are whole and complete. 

Step 6: Drink a glass of water and clear your energy field.

Aftercare Instructions:

For the next 24 hours to 7 days:

  • Drink plenty of extra water
  • Eat as guided – many folks crave carbohydrates or raw foods, while others crave meat and more dense foods. Honor your body at this time. These foods will help your body to recalibrate to the higher frequencies since those cords are no longer there weighing you down.
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Take time to meditate, pray and indulge in self-care
  • Refrain from any other energy work for seven full days.

Please pass this blog on to anyone whom you feel would benefit from this practice.

Also, please know that this abbreviated step-by-step instructions are for personal use only. 

In the FloraSage Therapies Institute I offer two classes for this practice.  The Personal use Full class and a Certification program.

For the full personal use program I explain the full 15 steps in detail, plus give you printable sheets to use during your personal healing session.

In the Certification Program I explain how to do this work for others as a healer and give you a different step-by-step set of instructions, as well as provide Ethics Training for Healers.

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